I shake whenever Kenyatta National Hospital is mentioned... nini huwa mbaya

Kenyatta National Hospital is on the spot yet again following claims of a botched caesarean section.
Susan Nekesa says she walked into Kenya’s top referral hospital in labour on January 25 and delivered twin girls the following day.
However, hours after the surgery, Nekesa’s stomach became swollen and she began experiencing excruciating pain.
The pain, she told Citizen TV, was so much that she could barely speak.
In the TV report, a desperate and distraught Nekesa struggles to sit up in bed as tear roll down her cheeks.

Amid sobs, she shares her ordeal, saying, “Naomba Mungu memory yangu isipotee… (I am praying that I do not lose my memory).
“When I came to see her, I found that she had a swollen stomach,” says Evelyn Anindo, Nekesa’s sister.
“Her stomach was also very hot and she could not talk. We communicated using signs.”
On complaining to KNH medical staff, Nekesa was wheeled back to the theatre, and it was then that doctors admitted they had made a mistake.
“It was discovered that the surgery was done wrongly,” says Robert Sitati, Nekesa’s husband.
“A portion of the small intestines, like 50cm, was outside the chamber where it was supposed to be,” he says.
To remedy the situation, doctors removed the affected portion of Nekesa’s intestines and left a small opening (called stoma) to allow her pass stool through a colostomy bag.
The patient and her family clung on hopes of their kin recovering and walking home with their bundles of joy.
But on Tuesday, the family received even worse news: that one of their twins had died.
“They said that my child had a hole in the heart,” says distressed Nekesa.
However, Nekesa’s husband says that he was told by a KHN staff member that their child chocked on milk.
“Someone told me that the person who fed my child was not very experienced,” says Sitati.
What followed for Nekesa, who is mourning the death of her baby, is a difficult period of pain, neglect and bitterness toward KNH doctors who did not perform their job well.
“Nobody is taking care of her,” says Evelyn
“When the colostomy bag gets full, it is up to her [the patient] to struggle to the bathroom to empty it.”
At the moment, the family has been left stranded, with the KNH team imploring them to be patient because the hospital has no consultants to attend to Nekesa.
Early this month, registrars and doctors pursing masters’ degrees went on strike after some of their colleagues were suspended following a botched brain surgery.
Sitati says the hospital has also warned him against transferring his wife, saying he will foot medical bills himself if he leaves KNH.
For Nekesa, it is a desperate case of hoping against hope; hoping for hope.
“They have kept me here for so long…I have been persevering…with the hope than one day I will go and see my children,” she says.

Ohhh God.Bring back senses to our people

That’s some fucked up shit

But why are some people so negligent on things that mean life and death.

And then you hear doctors at KNH want to go on strike to agitate for more pay yet this is how they are treating Kenyans.
Pieces of uncouth shit.

unacheka nini tukilia?

Nimecheka kweli

Yet the Mps want to impeach CS Kariuki for sijui arrogance and abuse of office. Ndio watu waendelee kufanya what they want at KNH.Very bad precedent. A woman can not do her work because of GF ya Hustler? So people should die of negligence? Very stupid mps.Where is civil society when you need them?

They the mps do not see it your way.Their needs and yours are way apart.

the problem with knh aint people its systems the routine and kind of staff,pt ratio they have.i did a c/s last when i was an intern but probably this one was probably an overworked intern who has not slept for 3days.note hakuna consultant hukua hosi after 12pm.all who are there are interns and newly employed m.o’s.i picture the interns and it is quite a mountain but everyone has to pass through there to qualify.

So will the intern who messed qualify?

yea he will he is protected by hospital laws and i guess we have few doctors

We have a big problem then

it doesn’t matter ,they have degree

If we could forget about our people and ensure among the current crop of leaders, none will ever see an elected office again. We could achieve alot in 10 the next years.

Another sh!thole story from a sh!thole hospital in a sh!thole country.
A twist to the story…nurses when they steal new borns always present another dead body and tell the parent to sign that the baby was born dead…This happens mostly where there are twins.

Now this is what i call fuckedup

Mimi nishaamua nikiwahi jipata hiyo KNH nitauliza penye mortuary iko, nijipeleke mapema.

What do they do with the stolen babies and why do they steal them?

So sorry to the family in their time of sorrow…

Kenyans please stop condoning mediocrity, these things have consequences