I serve a true God

God had a special reason for us kikuyus, making Uhuru the president. We must listen to him. God is saving our region through Uhuru. If it was not for the great mama ngina family other tribes would have overtaken us. Let’s all go where Uhuru in his wisdom will lead us to.

I endorse…let’s stand with uhuru

I’m a Kikuyu. Count me out.

Arror will prove you wrong, together with your gods

niaje wakameat

But God gave Uhuru the power to destroy the corruption networks and he has not done his job. Instead he went to embrace a person who refuses to concede election losses.
Then God blesses those those who keep their promises.

He is an air head with no wisdom.
Kibaki has wisdom

I fervently hope you are being sarcastic…

What we now need is Arap to lead is not into Arror. We need an Arap. Almost 20 years with Kikuyus. We need to go back to the error of the Araps. I miss those days. You say anything contrary to the Arap you disappear. Potholes everywhere and no electricity for days on end. Those were the days. I am just waiting for elections to mobilise voters for the next Arap. I had missed Kamlesh Golden erg Commissions of enquiry. You say anything anti establishment your media house is closed. Or you go to Nyayo House cells. That’s how we will be doing it 20 years Kikuyus, 25 the error of the Araps. Special branch and Y2k, Kanu youth wingers. Looking back over my shoulder I can see the future, I never thought this would be happening again. I never wanted to say goodbye.

We are here to help Onyatto family to enjoy maximum benefits as the populace languishes. That’s what we are here for. So we support BBI and anything that ensures the comfort of the first family. Afterall they own half the country so us we are just squatters aki Sema jump tunasema how high. Lakini hustler must become the next president, I want Kenya to hit rock bottom so that we can admit we have a problem and we need rehabilitation as a country. I will campaign and vote for the guy. I think we forgotten what Moi Era was like. Like Israelites forgot what Egypt was like so wacha turudi huko so that we wake up and stop joking around.

Even Rwanda changed after genocide of millions. And Israel after the holocaust. So let’s help the country to get to its knees faster so that we can hit rock bottom and change.

If this is sarcasm, good job.
If you mean what you just wrote, then definitely your IQ is subzero… [SIZE=2]I am a Christian Kyuk before you throw stones[/SIZE]

Hogwash. Uhuru ni gutee