I saw the light today

Yesu ananipenda…Ni hayo tu kwa sasa…

Lakini those building new roads should be compelled to put road diversion sign posts

Leta hekaya bum driller

Amen sasa omba utolewee temptation ya kuuza mcoondu.

Drive along Limuru rd,youl’ll find my car still stuck on those temporary mountain heaps erected by those contractors.
The spot was a road yesterday

From now onwards i will campaign to go to heaven

There are no faggets in heaven. Si dry spell itakuua urudishwe kwa shetani na speed post.

Ghaseer maraya mzee.

Hii ni ulevi. Wacha ku-blame contractors

Sikuwa mlevi

I.am a changed man,look at me differently going forward

Alleluia brother Kimash

Good luck

I thought you had reformed and stopped being geh.

Don’t call me that again,don’t correct my bad english and you will become a good brother to me.

Can I hear an amen!!

Who told you that? Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and boys and was gey but he gave his life to Jesus before he was murdered in jail, he was serving a 999 year sentence and was killed briefly after starting his sentence. You don’t know a damn thing about heaven, you fool. You will probably be begging this guy for droplets of water so better be nice to him now.

Read this again my brother in christ.
Do you remember the story or the parable of the rich,do you remember Lazarus and the rich man.
I will change my ways,wewe ukichomeka in hell you’ll beg me for that water droplet.



Tiga irumii manii

Njuthe Leo Una enda Kesha wapi.

It’s good you didn’t follow it.

Bado sijakuwa staunch to that extent…wacha Sunday ifike tujue mwelekeo