I repeat, the next DP will not be a Kikuyu!!

Last year I told you that both Raila and Ruto will NOT choose a Kikuyu running mkakuwa emotional na mkatupa mawe. Yes, mtakuwa in government whether Ruto or Raila wins na hiyo sikatai. However, kiti ya DP haikuji central. Take that to the bank!!

The two Nilotes have learned your treacherous and evil plans and they will pull a fast one on you before you realize what hit you.

We don’t need it, it only enriches a few families.
All we need is good leadership

My tiny friend,hujawai pata dawa ya heartburn.

The next DP will be Okuyo. Peleka Benki Kuu ya Kenya

Even Madvd wanted that post when he joined Ruto but he was given Chief Cabinet Secretary… similar to what Matiangi is today. Dp is reserved for Okuyo.

Mbona unaumwa na ukweli?

If that was your expectations, pole sana. You will be shocked. Ruto will not choose a Kikuyu and Raila will also not choose a Kikuyu.

So they will both ignore the biggest voting block?

It will be more convenient for the two to do so, especially once they learn that hakuna kitu mtafanya. Afterall, there will be no third force for Kikuyus to run to. Secondly, Kikuyus don’t have a serious political party to negotiate with. Yaani ile kupangwa mtapangwa…:D:D:D

My fren, no serious politician in kenya can ignore the kyuk block… even your God Rao :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Stop overating yourselves. In post-2022, Kikuyus itabidi mmenyenyekea.

Your fixation with the kikuyus is unhealthy. What sort of inferiority complex is this? Unfortunately, poor sods like you have all the time to rant but will hardly work to better themselves.

:smiley: from Ruto and Raila?