I regret voting for Uhuruto.

I wil bring reasons tomorrow.

Sai wacheni nilale nikifikiria how a broke and debt ridden government will fund Free Education among other promises, while IMF comes knocking with austerity measures to contain the runaway debt.

hii tulichambua lini??

Me too, but in retrospect I look at the opposition. I say it’s okay, and I will vote for William if 2022 is part of my destiny.

The main problem is TMT. He is not letting our guys work.

The worst part is yet to come.


The free education is already a reality, so the wording ‘how’…doesn’t really fit.

Kwanza kitu inaniboo ni vile jubilee imefanya kuwe na drought sasa ona kunaflood kila mahali. Ebu warudishe hii mvua kule ilitoka. Nataka kuota jua tafadhali.

2022 am voting the real thug, land grabber, and corrupt one so he can continue shafting me ndio nirudishe mkono.

Makes no sense

:D:D:D Digithia Wana Mungich.

Tulianza na roho…

Tume maliza na mwili

Ruto and Raila will not be the only candidates. Change begins with you

If someone else other than the drafter and my former boss Ekuru Aukot is there I will vote for him, and I won’t consider the perrenial joker dida.

Wakikula pia wewe unakula. Usingojee gava ikusaidie my friend. Be the master of your destiny.

Utatuandikia Novel mzima just to tell us you will vote for Rutto?

It’s a given fact. I am for Arap Ruto.

finally umesema

I like this thread. Some guys who last posted a thread 50yrs ago have suddenly woken from their slumber!