I regret breaking up with you. An EX girlfriend trying to get back with an Olympic Champion.

[SIZE=6]I regret breaking up with you’: Ex-girlfriend sends a VERY awkward message to her old flame after he wins Olympic bronze in the triathlon[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]By Michael Pickering For Daily Mail Australia07:12 27 Jul 2021, updated 18:02 27 Jul 2021[/SIZE]

[li]The ex-girlfriend of New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde was interviewed after his event[/li][li]The brunette Kiwi said she was proud of him and regretted breaking up with him [/li][li]She revealed they had gone to primary school together and he’d ‘grown so much’[/li][li]Wilde took bronze in the men’s individual triathlon event yesterday[/li][/ul]

An Olympic competitor’s ex-girlfriend confessed she made a mistake in breaking up with him in a light-hearted television interview in New Zealand.

Kiwi triathlete Hayden Wilde took bronze in the men’s individual triathlon event in Tokyo yesterday, notching New Zealand’s first medal at this Games.

While interviewing fans in Wilde’s home town of Whakatāne in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty region, Kiwi broadcaster 1News came across a woman who was an old flame of the new bronze medallist.

‘I regret breaking up with you!’ she responded when asked what message she would send to Wilde.

The unidentified woman and her friends then burst into laughter.

She then waved away the awkward comment, and said she was just ‘so proud’ of Wilde.

'Just all the work he’s obviously done to get there is amazing.

‘I went to primary school with him and he’s grown so much and I’m real proud.’

Asked on New Zealand TV what he would be doing after his medal-winning performance, 23-year-old Wilde revealed he would be speaking with his current girlfriend.

‘I think I’ll just be calling my girlfriend who’s actually in Spain at the moment,’ he said.

‘She was up in the early hours of the morning watching the race.’

Wilde was seen in pictures around the world at the end of the men’s triathlon, when he helped gold medallist, Norway’s Kristian Blummenfelt, to his feet after he’d collapsed in exhaustion at the finish line.

Hata thermal image ya kunguru hauna.

Ndio hii … Hapa.



Meanwhile, Kanairo ukiachwa…

siwezi rudia mtu aliniwacha,kwani akiniwacha hakuwa anajua atanihitaji?


Nyinyi washenzi hamwoni opportunity… anafaa amkamue halafu aingie embobut. Mashoga kama @uwesmake can’t relate.

Ninja si ilishakamua

At the point that a woman is breaking up with a man, she has a good reason. It is not malice. She is exercising her better judgement. If she comes back, a man should remember that he is still him and she is still her.

Incase kuna time dry spell itamchapa that is.

Sio kila mtu ako na dry spell kama wewe. He probably has better options now so hata kumkula haimake sense. He gains nothing.

:D:D:D:D:D…post wall chieth has realized she can’t do better than this Olympic champion,how “unlucky” can princess be ,the world is so “unfair”.

The break up may have been the motivation to excel. To do better.