I recorded a hit song using my my phone!! I think I'm better than most of the kenyan artists you listen to


You’re allowed to THINK…

Yeah I’m thinking , I’m not like you

If I could, I would provide you with a certificate for “Participation in thinking”…


Good, Sasa leta warembo kwa Vida

This is actually good music, 10 times better than most garbage kenyan “artistes” are spewing.

  1. drop that thutha word: just say matako
  2. record the same with a better phone camera, and proper lighting. Tip, the dancers should be facing the direction of the sun, ideally early morning or afternoon when the sun is not too bright, if you want great lighting with a cheap camera

This is actually not bad. Do you write the lyrics yourself? Aside from YouTube you should make a mix tape and give it to matatu guys they can promote you. Nowadays you don’t have to bribe DJs to get airtime, use that to your advantage.

i said i recorded the shit with my phone damn!

Enyewe hiyo ni advise poa

Yeah i write everything then record with my phone sina madooh za studio, that’s good make a mixtape on my phone who would believe it thanks man

Hahahaha enyewe since kila mtu husema thutha nsemange matako
Thanks for the advice man i appreciate it