Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has quit Jubilee saying “There is too much graft in the government.”

He said on Wednesday he will defend his seat either as an independent candidate or he might join another party.

Keter launched a scathing attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto, saying the country’s economy is collapsing because of graft.

“You can quote me on this. Anyone you see supporting Jubilee is either stupid or corrupt,” he said.

Keter likened the alleged graft in the government to a cancer eating away at the country.

“The other name of Jubilee is corruption and you cannot describe corruption in Kenya without calling it Jubilee. I mean Jubilee and corruption are one and the same,” he said during an interview with the Star in Eldoret town.

Keter urged Kenyans to vote out Uhuru and Ruto. “We should now be talking about their replacement with someone who will help Kenyans because definitely it’s not Uhuru and Ruto. They have not done anything for this country,” he said.

He accused Uhuru and Ruto of playing the tribal card, using Kalenjins and Kikuyus.


Umeskia @Wakanyama @wamathuraku , you are stupid peasants. Si mimi nimesema, ni Keter!


You have no mandate to bring bad news, that the prerogative of @Jakoyo


Ngoja utaona ile matusi Husein Bin Machosi Ole Mashamba atamtolea. Sasa from the day of that interview he will be reffered to as “ule jama”.

My friend, sisi tumejipanga.


How is this bad news?

It’s bad news for Jubilee fanboys…how can Keter insult the perfect hard-working Jubilee?

Nimetumana helmet 6 na G4S you can thank me later.

ION huyu jamaa ni pesa anatafuta ngoja uone akichange tune towards election period. All parties are full of thieves depends who is on the high table.

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Way to go Hon. Keter, but then we ask, u been a Kenyan Legislature, what have u done to fight corruption?
Secondly, we haven’t forgotten what u and that other woman did at the weigh bridge.
My best bet for u, pack and leave.


Hihihihi!! Keter knows corruption. He claims to have written the book.


Just about 3 weeks ago, he was interjecting at the NYS hearings on behalf of men who are alleged to have benefitted from Josephine Kabura’s generosity.

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Hakusema matapaka? Hehe, and the jubilee pot is getting hotter as Aug approaches.

I thought ulikuwa Jubilee damu. What happened? Nyama ilitolewa kwa mdomo kabla umeze?


Nimetumwa na @Jakoyo kuwacha hii hapa

“You can quote me on this. Anyone you see supporting Jubilee is either stupid or corrupt,” he said

I was, pale katikati, I changed my mind when Uhuru started whining about Corruption uncontrollably.
A sworn in President, asking helpless wananchi, mnataka nifanyi nini, not once, twice or thrice, and he still expects to be voted again.
Keter nailed when he said only retards will vote for Uhuruto.


Ati keter is talking about corruption,:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D, nikama mchinese kuzusha ju ya fake shyte, kijana enda chukua id kwanza



@0%_Omera blows with the wind kama bendera ya Legio Maria.


Very very good, for corruption to be fought…until you realise that those making the loudest noises are doing so for reasons very far removed from fighting it.
You don’t need a magnifying glass to identify them.


I think @0%_Omera is just a man with principles.

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Keter implying he is not corrupt is like anko uwes saying he hates momos


True, do the ends justify the means, our foundation on corruption fighting aint shitt, so wacha watu wakule

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Unfortunately for you, the retards are many…they’ll decide who your next President will be!

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