I Predicted the Handshake 3 years Before the Election. Now, Here is your Next Government.

Sonko is staring at a very long sentence. That’s what happens when try to take on the system that allowed you to survive. Ruto atafwata mkondo huo huo. Ruto’s biggest achievement is bringing the wheelbarrow economics and hustler narrative to the fore, lakini power ataionea hukoooo. The next government will include Raila, Mudavadi, Musyoka, and other smaller fishes like Joho and Gideon Moi. You simply can’t withstand the political influence, government machinery and the financial firepower behind the ‘dynasty group’. Wale low IQ bonobos who think their votes matter, ati wao ni mahustler, mark this thread!


Ata watu wa Moi waliachwa pale kasarani wakilia.

Tell them Ruto ni Moshi ya stove. Ukitoa stove nje you don’t feel it.

Mujamaa introduce me to your baite tafasali … hio jaba inaonekana ni atari

You will wake up to vote at 4 am however, your vote will not count !!
The system has decided and you in your mabati house will follow them.

I agree with you. Sonko hatafungwa, ama umesahau this is Kenya?

Sonko is just looking for attention.


The same way the govt machinery won the 2002 elections under Moi govt and won the 2005 referendum under Kibaki govt and rigged 2007 presidential elections which led to much peace in Kenya. I see that system and govt machinery is smart and will also rig and win 2022 elections peacefully as you have said.


Comparing Ruto and his hustler bandwagon with NARC? :D:D:D:D:D You’re comparing apples with oranges which only puts you in the low IQ orangutan category. Anyway, as I said, mark this thread.

But your are here bragging of how the so called system or govt machinery can rig elections. You mean Moi with his preferred successor under the old constitution with absence of social media could not rig in someone to be president? the same with Kibaki he could not manage under old constitution to rig in his constitution in 2005 referendum and even tried rigging 2007 elections and we all know where it ended. Now you believe that Uhuru can do the same in 2022 in this new era under new constitution , independent IEBC and vibrant social media everywhere to relay information. Man you must be deluded. You say Ruto is not comparable to Mwai Kibaki meaning you trying to say Ruto hustler movement is not popular and would lose elections. Then why talk about him being rigged out if he is not popular and can just be defeated at the ballot. What would be the need of rigging then? You are just a sympathetic Raila supporter who thinks that he can manage to get the seat by rigging elections. Your on the saddest way of acceptance/facing the reality that Raila has lost the next elections.

where in black africa in the 21st century have you seen a revolution to take power? it never happens wakenya wako comfort zone na uoga. the only people waoga kuliko wakenya ni watu wa MYANMAR , yaani after election wali elect president San Suu by 95% votes then army ikajam ikasema kura imeibiwa na kuchukua power na kusema state of emergency for one year. sasa any other normal country wananchi wangeingia streets but wana MYANMMAR all they could do ni kukunja mukia in public ,kungoja usiku then kufungua madirisha na kupiga masufuria ni kama nyawawa zimeland kisumu. nilicheka pale Aljazeera saidi watu 54 million munaogopa nini kama mbaya mbaya

Wachana na vinyangarika wa Babuon. The only way they rationalize their unending defeats is to attribute them to rigging by the so-called deep state. Unashindwa hiyo deep state ilikuwa wapi 2002, 2005, and even 2013 when Kibaki wanted Mudavadi to take over… Very low IQ bonobos…

Bukusu kuja uninyonye mboro pris…

This word salad only makes sense to an idiot. Not worthy a rebut. As I said, 2022 is only a year away and the referendum is less than a year away. Hapo ndio utajua your demigod ain’t shit na hii kenya iko na wenyewe. And I don’t support Raila or any politician, that’s for airheads like you. I’m just a clear eyed observer.

If Moi wanted to rig in Uhuru in 2002 hakuna kitu tungefanya and that’s a fact.
But I think deep down he knew Uhuru wasn’t ready at that time to be president and I also think he knew he was safe with a Kibaki president and that came to pass.
As for the 2005 referendum,I also think Kibaki didn’t want it to pass also coz it would have curtailed his powers like the way you see Uhuru making decisions and courts overrule them.He also saw it as a chance to get rid of the troublesome LDP wing in govt and he did that ruthlessly.
2007 Kibaki rigged and after few skirmishes people accepted and moved on as callous as that sounds.

Typical behavior of Raila supporters. Always trying to act neutral as if they do not support Raila. We know you guys

Its not about Ruto, its about you, the clueless citizens wenye mnatumiwa vibaya na parasitic owners of capital. Mtatumiwa vibaya na KANU miaka ingine mia moja. Ruto anataka kuwasaidia, lakini nyinyi ni wajuaji hamtaki msaada.

There is sense in what has been said by @Young Sponsor ,sioni haja ya nyinyi wananchi kucatch,@langatkipro learn to listen,last week and these week I have been around the country,in most of those places,life goes on nothing like bbi wheelbarrow etc.That means its early to say most kenyans hace decided and current happenings are yet to shape 2022 satisfactory

:D:D:DJesus Christ of Shimalabandu