I posted thread this in 2017.. Jubilidiots insulted me.. bunch of dumb shits who can't foresee the obvious,

Oct 16, 2017

Raila will be in the next government; by all means! He’s already calling the shots despite of him being out of govt. It’s a ‘bitter pill’ for jubilee minions to swallow, but they’ve got to suck it! It’s only a matter of time, and immense economic losses… Some lives maybe lost too but the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Common sense is not that common. Also, during corrupt times speaking the truth is an act of treason. #tanotena #kumimupya #tangatanga #meffi #kulakura

Whom did he command? The navy or the Swedish diver?

Wewe labda ni admin. Na kweli ni kubaya kama admin ameamua arudishe original handles za 2015.

Nimeona ulikuwa area 2017… ukarudi 2018 mara kama tano… ukarudishwa circulation tena in September 2019 during the Gachau Ngure Nefertities Rotring Isograph Cabbage Crisis of 2019. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

cc @Motokubwa Wakanyama Machete Kinyanjui.

Motokubwa unaona kazi yako?

Kijana akili ndio hukupewa, I only come here when I have too much time in my hands. Nacome nikileft depending on how busy I am.

Hamna vita baba. Lakini umerudi during the time of the great exodus. The great departure.

Lakini naona hapo ulitabiri baba ataingia sirkal. It is indeed a time of great confusion. I wonder what Fmagui thinks of baba today.


make sure your family is financially secure.

siasa ya Kenya is very unpredictable,if we can shake off the tribal lenses we can see we’re just pawns in the game and start demanding accountability instead of worshipping these fellows, nobody thought “muguruki” will be in the government,won’t be surprised if they turn around say and endorse ruto.

Raira wirru nefa EFA mbi plezindent!

Ngoja ! It will not take long ! Ile matusi rao atatapika mtashangaa

Kwanza ile reply ya @gashwin ilikuwa na machungu sana.

Unanifuatafuata nini ? Can you make up your mind if you want to remain management or participant. Mambo ya kuniita majina kama schumbag (you can’t even spell!) na kunitatag tag mungeacha tu wakati mliingia box yangu…but you think you need to provoke me to stoke controversy for traffic? Goodbye.