I posted this exactly 4 years ago. And the same will happen in 2027

The Tugeges in the village will vote for Ruto en masse in 2027. That’s why I tell my Azimio folks to stop deceiving themselves of winning in 2027 and prepare for a 10 year misrule.


Don’t you think they lack a Better alternative? Rao fucked up by supporting Jameson kinyua. Azimio should have a new candidate in 2027. RAO akisimama, jsks atarudi statehouse saa moja asubuhi.

hebu kwanza tuongelee hiyo last paragraph. what were the results

Bado uko na black mamba anyway 2027 itakua different

Its too early to tell… one year to elections is when we will know who is likely to win. Politics is very fluid and dynamic

But you gotta admit that locally, it’s just the same same people who come wearing a different color each election year, and somehow convince a majority that they are new to governance.

Sahi wewe ni MCA?

No incumbent has ever “lost” a presidential election in Kenya’s history. Hata Kibaki.

You can’t defeat an incumbent president
The best case scenario is a KK fallout with Kikuyus, Kalenjins, and Luyhas taking seperate political routes
They already have the government and want to be in the next one and possibly past 2032

Regardless of how terrible KK performs, the ushago people, especially in Mt. Kenya, and their Railaphobia will vote for KK en masse


You are big loser if you do believe watu wa ushago eat packaged unga.

Watu wananunua mahindi then straight to miller.

Labda you are referring to luhya specifically

There was a better alternative but you chose the thief.


Wachana na idlers
In three months time ugali soucer will be everywhere

True. The people leading us from Kibaki’s time were all Kanu loyalists including Kibaki

It could be argued that Moi, being the incumbent, lost in 2002 as Uhuru was his preferred choice.

2007 was rigged

2012 Kibaki was essentially neutral though his preferred choice was Madvd. But these 2 arent really politicians but technocrats.

2022 Uhunyes choice lost to Samoei.

Having said that, if Ruto leaves it free and fair, then we dont know. But I wouldnt put it past Ruto to rig it. This is a very intelligent and driven man who is top-notch at manipulating people

That’s the point.

This Ruto is overrated. People make him seem like a Putin when in reality he is not.

Mluhya mgani awache kisiagi huko ushawai skia watu wakilia bei ya unga imepanda

Nilishindwa. Kenyans love the hand that giveth.

Nothing changes, just monkeys jumping to the next tree

And when did you cross over to the LGBTQ side? I’d not want my political representative to be gáy coz he will start pushing the agenda in parliament