I now support Raila maandamano fully...

With the 50 CAS by the hustler…I think maandamano is a good thing, not for Raila to be president but for the country to go to the dogs. Maybe Kenya needs to go to the dogs and absolute chaos so that logic enters the citizens and we think of good ways of running this country. I hope the chaos that ensues from maandamano consumes both the hustler president and the old senile chaos instigator so that Kenya is left in better state.

Semi-illiterate jangili.

"[SIZE=7]I know support Raila maandamano fully…"[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]huge difference between “know” & “now”. [/SIZE]

IS this you?
Has your account been HaKD?

I can edit that Mdau

Kama mbaya mbaya…asante mkuu

Thanks for the correction

Kwasababu re building a nation and stitching back tha fabric of society is a 2 day gig?
Buda wacha mchezo…we just refuse to vote untill competent fit n proper peeps lead our institutions na tuanzie hapo.

8m didnt vote lets make 16m atleast next time kukishindikana halafu next time tukatae sote.

@langatkipro nakuona

But ukweli those appointments are nansens! To imagine i almost agreed to a position sijui tungefanya nini na degreeless but voluptuous Omanga? Wacha ningonje the final quarter of 2025. Something tells me that political offices will not be thaaaat attractive in the near future. Our economy kutegemea rainfed agriculture na hii climate change = Doom!

Mashoga na tugege mmeanza kukubali the Azimio gospel that we have been preaching here. Kenya Kwisha ni serikali bure kabisa.

The posts will cost a mere 5.5b :smiley: for the 5yrs.

This guy is a disappointment, but thank God we have strong opposition otherwise tutafirwa proper, pia if you get a chance kutoka kenya don’t hesitate, things will only continue to get worse

I didn’t vote we have been quite for too long hawa wasee wakiongelelea Kenya hawatutaji na hawatutambui (the 8m)bado wako kino moja na assmio mode

Nilichokea hapa…


Far from what this idiot said 24 hrs ago… :D:D:D

@Fal 468 come look…


Habari brathe!. You really think I have time to show up for maandamano.Hiyo ni vitisho baridi. But i support those going for maandamano and ready to die to have this country go on a reboot for betterment. I hold you well in my thoughts.

We’ve always been on our own. The politico class doesn’t care about mama mbogas like they promised

Kubalini tu only kikuyu presidents can stabilise this country, nilotes iko kasoro mahali. Nabii jambas is one of those candidates who say all the right things during the interview, lakini once appointed it becomes clear they’re completely clueless.

For a while, I wondered about your commitment, bro…:D:D

In statehouse when things get tough the say. Lets pray so that God can give us an answer. And they pray till late at night.

During @Gatheca and Kibaki’s tenure, they would say:
Let’s discuss this over a drink…and they chitchat, argue, counter argue and haggle till late.

Who is likely to succeed in growing the ikonomī?