I Now Believe the 2013 Election Was Not Rigged Either

We all agree that 2007 election was rigged in Kibaki’s favour.

In 2013, Raila told us that it was also rigged. The narrative was that 2 million dead voters resurrected and voted for the president only.
I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But in 2017, we have seen the most credible and verifiable election in Kenya’s history. If you doubt numbers from a particular polling station, you just download the supporting Form 34A.
If you doubt the form 34A, the phone number for the party agent is indicated there. Call him and confirm.

For the 2013 rigging claims to hold, Mt. Kenya should not have delivered as many votes as it did. Indeed, Uhuru should be 2 million votes less.
Which only means there never were any dead voters. Just a story by Raila.

As I predicted, we would hear another folk tale of how Raila was rigged, from 10th August until 2022.
But I never in my wildest dreams would have guessed it would be ‘Hacking’.

All in all, Nasa should stop taking us for a ride. Whether they are given access to the server is immaterial.
The final results were announced after addition of the physical Form 34Bs hand delivered to Bomas.


somehow i think that “these elections have been rigged” will be a norm…
Some people will never accept the fact they lost…


even in the U.S. there are murmurs of it being “influenced”. so its part of the democratic process


Election kwisha. Watu wanukishe kitunguu na wafikishe threshold, priss.

Just do this bro.

Add up all the votes that the gavanas got in 2013. Compare the total to the totals of those who vied for the presidency.

If you get the alleged 2m difference (eti wale dead voters who voted for Uhuru without voting for anybody else, according to Babuon (ret.)) come for a beer at home pub leo jioni.


I don’t believe this… In 2007, the election was indeed rigged, but whether that favoured Kibaki or not is subject to debate. I believe he still would have won without the rigging.

This is a fallacy! And that’s not how you crunch numbers to eliminate the possibility of rigging.

According to Kriegler, they both stole. Kibaki stole better.


He might have stolen more but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t have won if the election was free and fair! He might have actually won, I tend to think so.

Define ‘we’

That we will never know. But the odds were against him considering he did not have the Rift Valley unlike Uhuru.
Apart from Mt. Kenya, Kibaki did not have solid support anywhere else.

Actually he did have support elsewhere! If you want to realize this, just take the total votes you think he garnered and subtract the population of Mt. Kenya region. Whatever remains was gotten from his supporters elsewhere. Look, I voted against him in 2007, but I am not blind to the truth.

Lies we were supposed to believe. 1.Voter apathy in Central.
2.Meru’s had switched sides.
3.10 million strong.
4.1.5m guaranteed votes in the restless Rift.
5.Bungoma tumesema tawe.
6.Kisii hakuna kura za Jubilee.

They believed their own lies and propaganda.


None of those (hata kwa ujumla) overshadows the lie that we are NOW SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE

  1. Corruption will be eliminated

If he won angekuwa rigged out but this time all signs indicate this election was fair and square… But if he won angekuwa rigged out ushangae. He wasn’t going to be president in any sort of way…
Sijui Hata why he bothered vying

This is really stupid and deeply unpatriotic and your mentality is very disturbing.

Isack Hassan has been vindicated. They will now start a war against Chebukati and call for his ouster.

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Hihi I guess previous patterns and trends don’t mean shit to you… So am further guessing that reality doesn’t hit home and doesn’t rub well on you either…

Who told you to believe that one?
Jubilee never even mentioned fighting corruption during their campaign.
Kenyans voted for them knowing corruption will not be eliminated.
But its better a corrupt duo that builds roads and rails, than 5 corrupt principals with no development agenda.

Neither did they say that they’ll entrench corruption. It has long been Uhuru’s promise, and it has been implied in the campaigns and people actually believe it. You just need to read around to see how talkers here are suggesting that he’ll fight corruption as part of his legacy strategy.

Unfortunately, the King of corruption is arguably his deputy who is set to ascend at the helm in 2022 and currently serves as his right-hand man.