I need your help!

Siezi tukana watu wote WA nasa pale Twitter peke yangu. Hawa watu ni wajinga sana Twitter. If they talk all this stupidity with only 140 characters, je unlimited characters? Waiiiiit si hio answer tuangalie tu @ScotlandYard :smiley:

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@this is hard . very hard to even attempt.

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how boring is your life?


You are no different from this man who doesn’t know what he is talking about

Thank you

When I get to staff member I’ll let you know.

Naah I don’t believe everything a politician says to be the gospel truth

hii ni [ATTACH=full]131243[/ATTACH] dawa ya chupilee.

  1. Huna kazi?

  2. How much is your break time if Yes
    If No, please get some thing to do na UACHE UJINGA


Stop mentioning me in your stupid posts you airhead. There’s a reason I’ve never replied to any of your comments or posts.


This village is Largely domineered by Jubilee both sane and insane, wakifika twitter yenye ina variety ya UOTP na kuzimwa wanaanza kucatch.

[ATTACH=full]131255[/ATTACH] Some people are like morons wrapped in idiots, one of them is @this is hard



First I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned you in a post before today. Second I only mentioned you coz you’re the first sycophant that came to mind. Could have been that other one zzzzzz, so nothing special happened for you to be mentioned. Third like I’ve ever noticed you don’t reply to anything of mine and apart from this post my other posts were Probably too reasoned for you to reply to. Anyway I guess I should go cry coz you don’t reply to anything of mine :rolleyes:

You are in the right place. Wapeleke huko wakusaidie

@GeorginaMakena who is that in your profile picture?

You have too much time for bullshit which I don’t,it’s that simple.


Ktalk home of Tumbili sycophants!

Is it your head photoshoped onto a man’s body?

But I thought tuko pamoja?