I need your advice on my situation.

Hello villagers! I am a guy in my late 20’s and of late a lot of my age mates have started getting married and some are having kids.This realization has been surreal .its like one day you wake up to find that people your age have moved on. This is kind of worrying me as I am single and not in any serious relationship.

The past few years I have been so busy building my business (Last time I was in a relationship was about 8yrs) .The business is doing well and is growing but this has come at a huge cost of stress, loneliness and lack of serious romantic relationship.What worries me the most is I don’t know where to start as I only know few ladies and the ones I know are in serious relationship .I am an introvert guy so my social network is not large.I feel like a failure the only thing that I feel like I have achieved is build a business, meanwhile guys are having kids e.t.c In other areas especially romantic relationship I feel like a compete failure .

My grandparents are nagging asking when I will get a wife. most my cousins my age are married and have kids (You can imagine the pressure). I do wish to get married .Those who are experienced and older where should I start? I feel so confused and lost. Asanta!


Kijana do you… I am 33 na sijaoa… Wala siendi kuoa just bcuz everyone else is. In the meanwhile pewa kiti.


We chapa kazi. You want to get married because your friends are getting married ?? When your time comes you won’t ask anyone. Live YOUR life.


My biggest worry is that I will not be able to find someone to marry as most potentials will have settled.


The business life is so lonely I want a wife to grow with and also to enjoy life together. For instance I wanted to take a holiday abroad (Zanzibar e.t.c ) this Christmas but the thought of doing it alone was so scary i decided to just spend time with my immediate family. Nigekuwa na wife it would have been no brainer.


Do what you want to do bloh. It’s your life that you need to mould with your hands.

dont stress yourself too much , in your situation you might end up “picking” any type for a wife ju ya desperation , do you and love will “come your way”


Tengendeza tu pesa…watakuja…na ni hao watangangana na story ukipapasa tu kisogo

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So you want to nyemelea the ones you know and haven’t settled yet???

Don’t be in a hurr

Don’t be in a hurry .you will end up with the wrong person and hell starts.sow your wild oats first na uchunge kuna bill mpya ya child mentainance inanukia


mAKE MONEY make that paper until you dont need introduction, DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF.


The beautiful ones are not yet born my fren.


The older you get the more your options will increase! at 30 you will be able to date younger chicks 21 all the way to chicks past your age say 31-32! You seem to have little experience with women get a few relationships under your belt! (no pun intended). before you settle down.

Hakuna haraka am 36 na nimeo juzi tu under my own terms, my own time & 100% at my free will.


Makosa kubwa mtu unaeza fanya ni kufanya kitu juu wengine pia wanafanya


I wish i had someone else to spend time and grow together. I want to make this possible I am just lost. Wasichana wako lakini I dont know where to get the good one.

Kijana usiwai jaribu jicompare na watu wengine. You will lead a miserable life validating your self.



Find more and more money while still running a decent life. Dress smartly and go out much often… before you know it, you’ll be rolling (literally) from puccy to puccy. You can have one in the morning, another in the evening and a quickie in between at the time of your liking. Women just want a form of assurance that they ain’t banging a loser … and from there you can keep one or find another quite different coz by now confidence has already kicked in and you’re balling hard in the other life. So you on the right track.

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You’re being misadvised here because you already got the money and the successful business.
So why have you not found a lady? It’s either your looks or personality that’s amiss.
You must cultivate a pleasant vibe to attract females. No woman wants to date a ‘serial killer’ personality.
Be nice and approachable. Get out of your shell and hunt like other men. Don’t you have any friends to hook you up?


31 n still not decided