i need vasectomy

daily pills is really messing my girlfriend health ( weight gain and daily nausea). She has indicated i either do vasectomy or she leaves me. I love her so much and am ready to do this sacrifice for at least three years.
where can vasecrtomy be done in Nakuru?

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Tumia kondom burukenge hii ama ungoe hiyo female reproduction system yake, punda wewe


Mwaga nje ghassia


So, is she is leaving you for another man who has undergone vasectomy? @administrator handwritting yako tunaijua sana…hata ukiandika na left hand.

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It’s so obvious I don’t know why elders are bothering. Huyu ni admean

thank you @Deepwater for your comprehensive messages on this issue.

thread closed

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Where is @Deepwater 's comment?? I strongly suggest you are better off undergoing that vasectomy than listening to that retarded cockroach

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@Deepwater also did vasectomy in 2019

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Akwende, kwani we ndio mrahisi that you have to alter your body forever na yeye ako hapo ati ananona. Muache uone kama ataacha kutombwa. Braryfoo

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