I need help

Confession - I have fucked over 100 pokos over the last 7 years. This is despite having a girlfriend whom I am going to marry. My problem is that I can’t seem to get satisfied by one pussy. I love these women who’ll give you the goods in any way fathomable without questions asked. Kwanza kuna wa matako kubwa pale Rico, anaitwa Mercy…Mimi apana weza resist. I fear for my marriage…P.S. nimecheza very safe, I went for testing last year and was negative, but my behavior is worrying me.

Is it worrying anyone else? Especially your wife to be?

I know of a 42 year old Luo guy who is also addicted with Rico Malayas. Hakosangi huko. If it’s not you then haikosi mnajuana. His name begins with an A. Tall slim guy .

Nobody knows

I’m not him. I am much younger than that. Lakini kuma za malaya nazipenda sana. I have been to more than 10 brothels

@Mzee Mnyama Let me quote a psychiatrist for you. “Until you have a reason to change, you won’t. So find a honest reason to change!”

Una pepo la ngono. Look for @Jumbekavu.

unahitaji rehab

Get some other hobbies zitapunguza hii habit.

Thanks for the advice

Self control mamen. It’s not all about pussy. Here I think you just need to control yourself and stop thinking with the small head. I bet by the time you’ll be married, pesa yako mingi itapotea kwa maliar, and you know what they say about a fool and his money. All the best though.

grow up, get some facts about life and be a man enough to see your future and set your priorities right, you are no longer 17.
upuuus waja

Leta picha ya Mercy tuone

Its called soul ties. If you sleep with a person, your soul, theirs and all the people youve both slept with bcm tied. Pengine uende deliverance sioni ukitoboa kuacha. You’re already having that spirit they have of sleeping with multitudes of people. Jaribu kuacha uone vile itakusumbua. You opened your body to demons now enda exorcism. Hawa watu huenda Tz to get charms (demons) to be irresistible. Sasa ww your soul is already in a bottle in Satan’s wall cabinet. Wen Bible tells you to do things the right way, you think you’re too bright for it. Ngojea tuu even your wife will bcm a whore bcz,after sleeping with you hizo mapepo itamuingia. Ngoja utakuja kutuambia. Hapa ni God anaweza kukutoa.

the people involved into one.
The Bible in 1 Corinthians 6:16-17 simply puts it this way: “Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, the two will become one flesh.”
A condom does not prevent this spiritual connectivity or soul-tie.
By nature, prostitutes sleep with so many people who they share soul ties with. By sleeping with a prostitute, one just entangles himself into a complex soul-tie network.
Since prostitutes cover a wide range of clientele, it can be concluded that among them are witches, murderers, robbers, con men, liars and those afflicted with certain ailments, among other characteristics. By sleeping with that prostitute, one becomes a partaker and a part of this network.
This is why some people from nowhere begin to manifest strange characteristics which they never had before.
For instance, in society, there are people who were known to be morally upright but all of a sudden they become moral wrecks. What may not be known is that such people had a sexual encounter with someone who has lust.
This, if researched, may explain why sexual immorality, murders and other vices are multiplying.
Dr Daniel Amen, in his book ‘Change your brain, change your life’, states that sex is a tridimensional experience which involves the spirit, soul, and body.
Dr Amen further argues that “Whenever a person is sexually involved with another person, neurochemical changes occur in both their brains that encourage limbic and emotional bonding”.
He likens sex to gluing two pieces of wood together and the next day ripping them apart. He says it is obvious, wood from the opposite board remains on each board. According to Dr Amen, a piece of one’s sex partner (the good, bad, and ugly) stays with them (and vice versa) for the rest of their lives. One is only left to imagine what happens when an individual bonds with multiple partners.
And American Prophetess Juanita Bynum, in her blog, says those who have spiritual attachments to so many people through sexual relations have difficulties getting satisfaction in a relationship. This is because there are so many conflicting personalities in them competing against each other.
This also leads to the high cases of divorce.
All those attending the expo who may harbour intentions of jumping at the condom ‘fiesta’ should think twice if engaging in sexual immorality is worth it considering the price they have to pay. Yes, they may escape HIV but they have their Creator to face on Judgment Day. Those who engage in infidelity risk losing families through divorce.
They also risk contributing to the statistics of delinquent children who may result from a broken home.
Above all, their integrity, achievements and destiny are at stake as seen from once great men who have involuntarily been retired into non-entities.

Mixing Urogi, God, Mitishamba in one paragraph.


[SIZE=6]please repeat after me…[/SIZE]

not …really,you get tied if you want to otherwise its fair game,it depends on the impact the person instills on you and your vulnerability ;););)otherwise my soul-tie-meter would be broken

Why are you sensoring the word pussy na umeona 100+ :D:D:D:D If one pussy can’t satisfy you why are you even talking about marrying your supposed girlfriend? Society pressure? Nigga you’re grown. Fuck more pussies till you feel you can’t no more…we can’t talk you out of your addiction. You’re the only one who can do that. Puga!!

Still stuck at the girlfriend you’re planning to marry. Clean up your act first before you start wasting her time. See a therapist about your addiction and remember, you’re the only one who can break the habit.