I need help finding a job advert

I applied for a job. I normally save all job adverts but my tablet crashed so I can’t access the ad. I am looking for a copy on the internet and just cannot find it and it was removed from the website. I refuse to believe there is no copy anywhere on the internet. The jobs is Policy and Strategy Programme assistant at African Academy of Sciences 2018. The one that appears on search is a 2017 ad.

Was it in the papers? Which paper? When?

It was online, on the website. Feb 5th

Hapo siwezi kukusaidia ndugu.

@nimechoka usichoke endelea kutafuta utapata manze…

Why not contact them on their website and ask if the job is still available? Maybe they removed it after finding a suitable person for the job.

I am not sure if this is relevant, open the link and scroll down, job details are there - https://www.fuzu.com/jobs/programme-assistant-circle ,
Within the page there is a link, it will open a form with contact details - http://aasciences.ac.ke/silo/files/aas-job-application-form2.doc

Thanks so much. The title is different but the job requirements are pretty much the same.