I need a simple Business Management Software

I need a simple software to help me manage my small business enterprise. Any leads for free ones or a low cost software that can be customized. Pls help with information.

A software which can post transactions, print receipt and show stock levels.

Microsoft Retail

where are you located niku fanyie installation ?

Odoo or if you just want to track invoices, invoice Ninja

Thanks IsMundu, this is nice, trying them out. I appreciate Elder


It became much easier for me to manage projects and, in principle, work with clients after I turned to ProcessMIX to get some kind of business solution to simplify work with payments, create a convenient payment system. I was offered this solution https://processmix.com/cases/payment-system-integration-subscription-business-model/ , and it really allowed me to automate workflows, especially checkout and unsubscribing.

I totally get where you’re coming from! Managing a small business can be a handful, and having the right software can make a world of difference.

One option to consider is QuickBooks. It’s user-friendly and offers transaction tracking, receipt generation, and stock-level management features. Another good choice is Wave, which is known for its simplicity and affordability. It covers essential accounting needs and is quite customizable.
Zoho Books is worth exploring, too, especially if you want software that can grow with your business. It offers a range of features for managing transactions and keeping an eye on your stock.
If you ever think about branching into project management, keep the PMP certification in mind. It can open up new avenues in your career.

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Enda https://sourceforge.net utapata free open source business management software from full fledged ERP’s to the simplest stock control systems and invoicing systems