I need a proper tool box

I’m planning on making a few fixes here and there in my house one of this weekends when i get time. So,is there a place one can buy a set of tools comprising of all the basic tools in diff sizes like spanners,drills ect? Pliers na screwdriver pekee sio tool box

When I was in eastlands there were people selling many tools called orodha or orosa can’t exactly remember the name but they have all tools.



Buckley stores junction of Baricho and Bunyala roads if you are looking for quality tools but if you don’t mind cheap Chinese stuff, hit River Road in an area known as Nyamakima.

Alibhai Shariff


Tembea hapo Ngara ukivuka mto from grogon side using accra road. You’ll get a lot of stuff.

Haiwezi fika bei hapo.

Alternatively, steal a spanner there, a screwdriver here, next time you have fundis pita na pliers. Within a short time you will have a nice collection.

Kuna hii ya Kobalt, it comes with a stereo and an inbuilt fridge, starting price ni $900 hadi $2,000
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Kobalt also carry carry smaller ones

If in Nairobi, check on Simba merchants along Kijambe street .deals with original tools


hehehehe! mafundi wengi ocha kwetu wamejijenga na hii style, last yr nlipata jamaa wawili msoto wamedunga overall/apron ya orange with shiny reflector strips kwa mkono na mguu, direct nlijua alipita nayo from chinese road works. mwingine amedunga ile factory boots na unajua venye ni expe. hehehe! i told him najua hii kitu hauja buy. he started laughing! hehehe!

As you’ve been told here. You must be one of those “not good with their hands” guys. To get complete toolbox takes years. You get what you need as time goes. Anza na crew driver.

imagine now he goes gardening… he’ll be asking for a jebe!

Not Greek, not kambodian…ata mimi nimechidwo

tafuta tools za china ,original huwezi,a second hand chrome vanadium spanner cost more than 500 shs, utawezana kweli

Takes time to acquire tools and also lots of money. You start by buying essential ones.

Kīnjavī thituriti

electrical ones ain’t that expensive shida ni kuzitumia…ikifika hapo niite nikusort…