I need a gym buddy in 2022

So we can push each other hard


@administrator @Electronics4u @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD

Send this mathafaka to the deepest hole you can find.

How is asking for a gym buddy a crime? :D:D:D:D

PS: Na upunguze hiyo umama ya kushtaki msee kwa admins. I assume you’re an adult capable of fighting your own battles.

Ushindwe katika jina la yesu.

Lalisha makende acha kusumbua

Seems the list of faggots has increased as we cross the year @MajorProphet has joined @Nipe Nikusifu and his wife @Weyn . Rot in hell ghaseer

@patco is always lurking.

Kelvin @Sambamba Kinuthia loves the gym.





You’re wrong, as always. I’m a highly refined creature with fine taste unlike him


Kelvin @Sambamba Kinuthia is all natural unlike these gym rats you’ve posted who are full of silicone implants.

Kelvin @Sambamba Kinuthia has been reared on natural Kikuyu foods like arrow roots and githeri unlike these Americans you’ve posted here who survive on Monsanto gmo foodstuffs.

@Sambamba Kinuthia is the real deal man booty bitch. (No Homo)




mashogaz should beheaded asap…

Acha kuropokwa, will that increase your salary? Will it increase your children’s grades? Fagia kwako uwache vitisho baridi



KINUTHIA lambistic shit we know your handwriting. Umbweer kabisa

Where is the loyalty? You can’t even come to my defence yet I came to yours when that villager started a thread about you. :D:D.

Catching feelings in men is a sign of low testosterone. You need to hit the gym bro



Bas, bas usilie kababa. There’s more to cum but gym membership needs more than 150



:D:D:D:D Those are mighty fine asses bruh… but definitely not my type. Love em hard and taut and definitely not competing with mine.

More like a Gaym buddy!