I must get out of here

I am looking for any opportunity to go to any European country, USA or Canada. I don’t want my children to waste their time with this useless education knowing what awaits them in the future. Hii kitu inauma sana. Unaona mtoto venye ako eager to learn na deep down unajua analearn shit, edited history, useless crammed stuff. Alafu unaona mtu anaiba 2billion daily. Ukienda job unasimamishwa na D material who dont know anything o respect anything. Nimechoka pwana

Hii reality ilinitwanga mbaya sana, nikawish I had some relatives abroad I try my luck. Canada, UK ama Australia lakini ole wangu…najua Tu ma celeb wa huko through news na shosho media.

Kwanza hiyo ya ma class 8 drop outs kuzuia mtu njia aki yao huwa inaudhi

Sad man

[SIZE=5]I understand why you are frustrated. But if we all export our families to foreign nations, who will transform Kenya?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]If you can’t find opportunities, the only solution is to create one. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Sure you can relocate abroad, but you will certainly be profiled and treated like a second class citizen at some point. Additionally, if you lack professional skills you will have to sacrifice your dignity by doing self deprecating work. Imagine mwanaume mzima kama @uwesmake kuosha vyombo, ama choo. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Relocating should be your last resort.[/SIZE]

As it is, Corona has messed up a lot of immigration prospects and procedures

Hehe Generali Lazima unaosha choo huko Quebec

[SIZE=5]@Demapupu I am an attorney by profession![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]I acquired citizenship in Jamaica, Canada & Singapore due to the nature of my work; Representing international corporations, politicians, criminals etc.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You know whadumsayin?[/SIZE]

Australia has a point-based immigration programme. Don’t give up, try that. Lakini usiseme wewe ni tapeli.

already happening at home…

unahustle, soma and get some good work…let me degrade myself as long as I am getting paid by the hour

Enda Mexico halaf vuka border. It’s free for all huko kwa biden.

8.4.4 ndio ingesaidia watoto wako. Wenye walisoma 8.4.4 wanafit kila mahali dunia mzima. Ata ivo, sitoki mahali jamaa na jamii yangu iko, nitakaa kenya

Si watu wa mjengo kenya hulipwa “by the hour” pia?

good for you. sisi wacha twende


The solution is not to have kids if you unfortunately have to remain in Kenya.

Do schools still cane children because of exams?

na wenye already wako nao?

seriously considering not having kids in this country or even world. hii dunia ni ngumu and its becoming harder.


What about the crap they have introduced?

Is your issue poor job prospects or it is what you are calling edited history? What is edited exactly