I mostly download under 500mb movies

Like right now I’m on Escape room straight from pahe.in , 350mbs maaan ! Plus it comes with sub’s @Duke of Busia I use the UC mini app for most of my downloads, it’s pretty direct I guess ,just follow.the light lol, [ATTACH=full]232333[/ATTACH]

you watch kwa phone? si screeen is too small

Nope I download then transfer to PC, husstle imenirusha mashinani so imebidi nitii safcom

Weka link please.

Wacha Nijaribu. Leo niko under curfew

which site do you use?

Pretty cool with Clicksmileworldwide no pop and easy navigation you can check out their link here https://www.clickww.xyz/?m=1

thanks buddy

This link is dead https://www.clickww.xyz/?m=1

While pahe.in has too much popup you can’t even download…

Wapi link ingine ya movies below 500 mbs?