I Miss This Racing Game

Too bad Evolution Studios was shut down TWO YEARS AFTER RELEASE of DriveClub. I guess arcade racing fans are stuck with Forza Horizon for the foreseeable future. We really need some competition in this genre. NFS isn’t doing it anymore, Burnout is dead, Wreckfest is wreck fest… and The Crew and other online-only racing games need to go away.

This game wasn’t given a good chance to succeed.

I feel the same way about Blur. I don’t understand why Activision gave up on the game, it’s still quite popular more than a decade after release. It’s the only reason I still buy PS3 consoles.

Damn… Umenikumbusha mbali na hiyo game Blur. Hiyo game split screen ilikuwa noma sana.

Racing games skuizi zimekua too focused on being driving simulators. Games kama Granturismo sport and Project cars are incredibly boring to play. Last game nilicheza nikaenjoy was NFS Rivals. Too bad hiyo Forza ni Xbox only.

Rivals was my last, most played NFS. I tried Payback but couldn’t really get into it. From there NFS added more complexities like different tyre upgrades, sijui differential, ECU, Crankshaft, Cooling etc. Had like 10 different things to upgrade. I looked at that BS and said hell no. I get that fix from RPGs.

I just was to buy shockwave, nitrous and jammer. Upgrade them. Maybe a new tyre and some decals, and enjoy the fuck out of the game. Not spend one hour in the garage.

Driving SIMs are a no for me too. I get bored easily. I don’t think I have the skill for SIMs, nor I’m I willing to learn. Some people find them relaxing though.

Xbox na PC master race :cool: