i miss dem days

There was a time every expecting African mother would knit something for her unborn child - socks, bushori, pullover, shawl, and the infamous ndimiyaga.
Pregnancy was celebrated.
Bonding with the unborn…
Nowadays it’s only eating soil, smoking shisha, stage-managing cravings and slaying. Friday midnight sijui ooh mimba inataka Kc na pizza na fresh air ya villas kwa balcony… Na tomboys eti ooh mimba inataka kucheza pool… Ooh ball inataka iphone

umesahau selfie za baby bump

Mzee gachui wajukuu hii holiday huna time yao?

whatever inspired that question?


And she respected her husband, cooked for him a very nice meal, never nagged, knitted a pullover for him. The old good days.

Uchokozi tu juu uko area saaana. Translate uchokozi priss

ningekwambia you stop abusing whatever you thought you are using kama inakuonyesha nina wajukuu:D:D:D henway, na watch ball hapa mos mos solo juu niko home alone. fam walienda kusalimia shosh.

Na zingine zinadai threesome with a reach partner!

Some irritating sphincter muscles located at the end of his GIT triggered that question :smiley:


Ooh ‘huyu mtoto atakuwa kama mzungu anademand tu mapizza na chocolate.’


Hahaha whaat

I admired knitting when I was small and my mamma taught me… I do it to date (scarfs etc) and al knit some sweaters and socks for my children… Even pants:D:D:D
they’ll get to treasure them as they grow… They are hard to come by nowadays…

Wazee mashoga rika yako wako secondary virginity na hapa ni nyege unaleta

Sawa buda lakini mbona matusi this nice evening :confused:

Hapa utaulizwa swali vile utajibu it’s either ujipate gunia wiki ijayo ama never ending sweeps.