I made it...not quite...just about.

On my way to the market today, just listening to my playlist and i totally got soaked by the lyrics of “billionaire” by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. So I get to the market and as I’m walking around, I see this butcher shop with some nice meat on display and I decide to get closer and have a look. I like meat. Yes, I do like meat, especially man meat but I would never say no to any other type of meat. Anyway, I see this thing that looked like matumbo except that, it was white.

I had a chat with the butcher on why their tripe was white and he tells me that they bleach them as a way of cleaning them and to kill microbes but apparently it doesn’t affect the taste.

At that point, I had a Eureka moment. I realized there is God and I am a child of God and God answer’s his children’s prayers. Like literally, 30 minutes before that, I was singing about how I wanna be a billionaire and there I was with a billion dollar idea. Like what are the odds?.

See, with the likes of Vera Sidika being the envy of many young women, I could get a job at the butcher and learn his trade specifically how to bleach matumbo then improvise that knowledge and develop something like human bleaching tanks. Imagine I get a huge building and keep bleaching ‘tanks’ where people would come and soak themselves alafu wanatoka wakiwa weupeeee kama matumbo ya ulaya.

I could make a killing. I could buy a truffle farm in Europe with my very own truffle hogs and I could be supplying some truffles to our very own billionaire bwana @Web Dev . I could make the world great. Ladles and jellyspoons, this right here is the next Ktalk birrionaire.


Wacha tuanze crowd funding we send you an air ticket urudi huku kwa mutura ya 20/-


have some more

Hatuwes tambua matumbo albino


hii supu yake ni color gani?


yenyewe how will the soup look like? but those other chunks of meat look fresh vipoa

ION a kg of matumbo goes for 700 - 750 bob over there, pricey

there is a good reason we have our nice shiny kavirondo color…

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@LikeLiterally = @Nefertities reincarnate. I have to ask, how do you go into a supermarket/butchery, unaenda unapiga nyama ya mtu mpicha halafu unamuuliza bei halafu unaenda? Angalau nunua P.K tafadhali, ile hewa umepumua ya butchery si free. Hiyo floor umepaka matope haitajiosha…:D:D:D Nikiii Maniii!!!

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this is what @LikeLiterally was listening to

she is Unicorn. 100%


The main point sio matumbo. I’m after the bleaching materials/ingredients. Kama zinafanya matumbo iwe white hivi si nikizi modify ziwe ‘fit for humans’ naweza make pesa especially West Africa kwenye watu wanapenda ku bleach.


Ndio nachemsha nitaweka mbisha baadaye.

@Ice, yaani umefanya hadi currency conversion :smiley:

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Mimi sio Nef. Alafu nani amesema sikununua kitu? :D:D. Alafu sikuuliza bei. Ilikuwa imeandikwa tu hapo. Nikii maniii ko tarona

good idea. kwanza uanzie na ule mwoman alipost makucha nyeusi hapa jana tuone kama atawahi sponsor ama ben9


watu wakiniuliza bei ya any stuff that I own i tell them, if i knew the price the I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

is it not good old chlorite…au kuna bleaches zingine?

to the lexicon for bleaching

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Matumbo 10$ kg!!! Na utamu imebebwa na bleach…waache ujinga…hehe

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You can now wake up and actualize your dreams. They are very valid.