I love me African women


First time we can agree on something.

Shida ya hizi black American bonobos all they think is sex, being a stripper and thuggery nothing else. Kuna very few successful black American women majority sell sex for a living and want to be cardi B when they secure the bag.

They ain’t b ants u

As a matter of fact, they is

Effin’ crackheads … man

That woman know her job

totally agree :wink:

Lifestyle of the broke and fameless

sijasikia kitu banae
nimesikia tu
[li]screwdriver[/li][li]nigger[/li][li]ride[/li][li]you know what i’m sayin x32[/li][li]like this x32[/li][li]knees[/li][li]we gon miss our flight[/li][/ol]

And I bet none of them is married still, if that’s the only thing you can do as a woman there’s a special category men put you in rarely does it end up in ‘wife’. African American women are the majority of unmarried/single mothers in the states.

You think ADOS are cushites?

Watu wakafagie kwao kwa ma mcooshites

Black Americans are bonobos but their women are most pathetic bonobos