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I hope both sides suffer massive casualties.[ATTACH=full]300182[/ATTACH]

Kalenjin politicians cannot be intimidated into silence like Kikuyu politicians so this is going to get ugly for the Kenyatta family. Exaggerations and rumours will be mixed with facts and no amount of PR will wash away the smell for a long time.

Why even bother. It’s like kicking yourself on your foot. Uhuru knows attacks are coming from Ruto. He will simply dissolve himself from the Jubilee party. And walk with his crew. A split Jubilee party and/or a split Kikuyu vote is a guaranteed loss for Ruto.

Maybe @spear should tell us why Uhuru seems to have decided to take over or crash Jubilee party. Either he wants to come back as prime Minister and he needs it or he wants to totally destroy the party so that Ruto is fixed or maybe he wants to rig in his preferred candidate for the presidential election in the party itself. But i suspect he wants to come back as a prime minister. I mean what interest does a retiring president has in a party

You’re counting on shame as a powerful motivator, but I’m here to tell you that facts don’t matter.

Since Kenya’s independence who have they ever voted for apart from one of their own? The person that had the best chance to get their vote was Kalonzo after 2007/08.

Arap Mashamba Mobutu must be in deep denial if he thinks he will bag that vote.

This time we r voting wsr, this tribalism is promoted by dynasties for their selfishness

Is the Gikuyu nation under any obligation to vote for anyone? Why don’t you apply this yoke on the Luo or Akamba or the Luhyas? Why is just one tribe si much pushed to vote in a certain way? What is so special about their votes given that they only make up 22% of total votes in Kenya?


All fake news. This is all mutahi ngunyi strategy and narration for gullible Kenyans. Kwanza nation is just their mouth piece. Ati conveniently “Kalenjin MP’s” while we all know DP Uncle Ruto team is largely from.the whole country. Then we are complaining over what!!! Kenyatta kin got a tender for Jubilee Party.:D. Why would anyone even complain about that one. It was all funded by Mama Ngina anyway.

They are desperate for a fight between UhuRuto. Everything else has failed. They amateurish tried to provoke DP Uncle Ruto to react angrily to their plots but he annoyingly is wiser and calm. Remember just yesterday tuju “gazetted” his Jubilee party changes at their new outfit - nation media after it was rejected at Political party register. Why? Provoke DP to react and come out blazing. Well he simply reminded everyone that since March 2020. All party official interim period and contract are over. The only one left are Party leader and deputy party leader. All those letters they write on Jubilee Party letterheads are null and void. Let’s wait for Party leader to call NEC meeting we elect new officials by mutual agreement as per the party constitution.

Today’s article at nation by mutahi ngunyi is a new strategy. If you can’t get UhuRuto to fight then provoke Kenyatta family by this fake narration. Tell them that now they are the targets of “Kalenjin” to misguide them into a preemptive attack on DP Uncle Ruto. Hiyo ujinga doesn’t sail. Handcheque team should concentrate on the new party they just bought and rename “The party of National Unity” let them take kamanda, muraithe, atwoli, sweetie to join kanu and odm in that TNU party to face Jubilee in 2022. I know they started saying yesterday that President Uhuru will defect there. Well that’s their own problem not our own. Fact is all other leaders will finish their term in 2022 and go for elections. That desperate move is their own problem not everyone.

Wacha katambe,Kikuyu mps even if they were outspoken they would never utter a word where they are not benefiting directly.

Speak for yourself,can’t vote for a killer and a land grabber knowingly

How is Rumuruti? How are the Moso Bamboo shoots and saplings? They must be very tall.

By October you could sell them, get 20K and go to Mombasa for holiday. If you get 40k you could even go to Turkey or Dubai.

Ati Jubilee campaign was solely funded by Mama Ngina… you know sometimes you do exagerate too much.
You get too carried away. For instance didn’t they fundraise at a dinner in Safaripark?

In fact you yourself you posted the details here of how Jubilee is professionally run and funded. How times change.

Ehe and moi for 24 years?

Politics is a dirty game,with all due respect @spear opinion, they will remain to be opinions.Uhuru is fox and a very skilled politian.Ruto can smell and see what is coming his way.He has quite a number of followers,kalenjins.Every single Kenyan know that he is a thief,murderer,looter of public funds,land grabber and a philanderer,all this will be good ammo come 2020.
A person who doesn’t respect Authority.If kalenjins want to be relevant in this century they must abandon ship or they will sink with him to oblivion like titanic

For one thing that I like about politics is that the truth, lies, weak and strong positions always reveal themselves. The bought opposition and government with all its state power finds itself always in the wrong side of the stick. If you are fighting against destiny and fate you usually end up very frustrated and broken. I’m not a very religious person but clearly the Gods favour has left President Uhuru. What happened to “Big four agenda” 200 houses only in 3 years!!! They wasted 2 years skimming anti DP Uncle Ruto and government development suffered. 2019 and 2020 they wasted in the dead BBI leaving broke Kenyans even more desperate for the 3rd straight year. Now unpopular President and unpopular paid up opposition don’t have a platform to campaign about in their quest for anti retirement in 2022. DP Uncle Ruto completed his campaigns in Dec 2019. He is just watching his seeds grow to young flourishing plants all over Kenya even where he didn’t expect. Sasa throw in corona which suddenly narrows the timeline to 2022 by a year. That last year is full blown campaign.

You see the whole idea was to paint DP Uncle Ruto as corrupt, warmonger and other vices just because he refused to settle with some political conmen, brokers and cartels. So they sang those vices for years taking that role from the paid up opposition. Kenyans listened, got bored and finally got tired of them. Repeating them has zero traction in 2022. They need UhuRuto to fight to get some energy or material to campaign on. Since its not happening they have become a very frustrated lot. Threatening people of imaginary crimes and he does reply.:DMnajiongelesha tu.

You see if we were not wise we could also reveal the same to the public and God knows where that would lead. From providing SGR contracts where Kenyatta family gets payouts from the local suppliers who got to supply 40% of the materials. All those Indian companies in Athi River who supplied cement, steel, building materials to meet the 40% local suppliers requirements for the contract. Same to other big projects. Oh yes forgot DP Uncle Ruto ndio mwizi tu in the second highest office in the land. The highest is clean. How former Nyeri governor died because he immediately rallied central leaders and scared Kenyatta family influence in their backyard. There is a reason his brother is currently the strongest supporter in DP Uncle Ruto camp. It better we keep silent and ride this wave of amateurish attempts. Tukiongea watu watakosa Sauti forever.

I fear that this may turn out to be a very ugly fight. A majority of the Kalenjin community are known of getting their way through force or fire where peace fails.
It will be just like the story of Genghis Khan of the Mongols and the Shah of the Khwarazmian Empire.
Let me grab my popcorn and enjoy this.

Danganya wengine as you’ve done since Kenya’s inception with Ngegi.

The list is endless, need we exhaust it?

  • Jaramogi, who would have been the first PORK had it not been for his insistence that Kamau be first released from the slammer.
  • Mboya - you know how that story ended.
  • Kibaki - despite his being incapacitated due to his near death accident. Went full throttle tribal after “Kibaki tosha” and setting foot in SH.

That was when Kenya would truly have turned a page after the 2002 elections that uprooted and sent Moi and his draconian stooges home.

  • 2007/08 - Midnight swearing in of an illegitimate president almost made Vumbistan history as we know it. Why? They had to cling to power by all means. Kalonzo the “Mellon” comes to save the day hoping atarudishiwa mkono after Kibaki’s second term. :smiley:

  • 2013 - Mudavadi - “mademoni” episode. Too much at stake for the biggest beneficiaries of state welfare, guised as “hard workers”.

  • Enter the lazy, ever inebriated, high as a kite Kamwana. He’s VERY RICH. He will NEFFA steal from state coffers. Need I expound. Calls Ruto “ndugu”, “my brother”. Arap LotAll buys in, hook, line & sinker. Ignoring that many have been through that trodden path. :D:D:D

So with Uhuru controlling the state machinery, his fallout with kleptomaniac LootAll is all but documented.

There will be a candidate from the former Central region on the ballot in 2022. That is guaranteed as sure as night follows day. Your guess is as good as mine as to whom kondoos like you will opt for in tribalistic Vumbistan.

We are waiting this thru force thing eagerly my guy.what we have decided Is that if you are a kalenjin and own property in Nairobi and your brothers back home bring nyoko nyoko,this time you will also feel the wrath.most kalenjins properties in Nairobi are well no known by now.

Bring the facts on the table we separate,gossip, innuendo from facts.so far anything that has been identified loot with Lootall has turned out to be proceeds of an illegality.