I love Gospel music

I love this GOSPEL song, particularly


Madanna kissing a black Jesus is still controversial to-date

Judgemental Christians husikia vibaya sana.

To me it’s just art and art to me is always fantastic!

Pure blasphemy. Disgusting video

Fear God.

Which God?

How so now?

Madonna was very brave to release something like this in the 80s, before “woke”was a thing. She knew what was up and wasn’t afraid to show it for what it is. My respect for her just went up *1000
Love the symbolism. Such a loud statement… Too bad so many are blind to it

I love the burning crosses

I also like it so much. Here’s another

The cross is a pagan symbol that the God of truth, Yahweh abhors. The religious symbolism of the cross has its roots in ancient paganism that existed centuries before Christ was crucified. It became a symbol of christianity only after the time of pope Constantine. Historical records show that Christianity adopted many influences of pagan worship, which included the symbol of the cross
Jesus was NOT crucified on a cross but on a stake. Oh, and he was completely naked, so we’re the two others beside him.