I lost my job

Nmepitia pale streets za twirra nkaona hash tag moto sana. Middle class tuliwaambia muwache kuwa comfortable hamkuskia. Tukule ujeuri wetu. That being said Gatheca =meffi

Leta rink ama uache upiii kama @digi

Kama Hakuna link. Hii Ni…

watu ya pevan

Na IG,umepitia?

Kwani ni kubaya aje




Ni macho na data huna ukajiangalilie…

Retrenchment have been going on since the end of second quarter.
Most Kenyans are ready for new leadership. I know I am.

me too

Hata kra with the high target walipatiwa watakiona, corporates declaring lower profits or losses halafu staff wanafutwa hence no income tax. Next year will be a very bad year for kenyans

Nmeachia hapo kwa I’m a single mother.



kwa wale hatuna Twitter account trends24.in

Hapo huwezi ona hizi useless mikebe and their many lies and their fancy suits, fancy phones and fancy prados.





Naye Kenyan worker akiambiwa aingie streets kama France hawes kubali. Ni makelele tu twitter. As if any CEO ever bled from a tweet.


Jubilee development#
SportPesa out
Betin out
Nakumatt out
Choppies out
East Africa Portland Cement out
Mumias Sugar Company out
Webuye Pan Paper out
Cotton industry out
Sisal farming out
Tobacco farming out
KCB-National bank merger
CBA-NIC merger
Airtel-Telkom merger

Our economy is growing tremendously…
We are creating millions of jobs annually…

And ruto is expected to streamline the economy 2022 riwe riwaro

Wachana na maneno ya single mother just get the message

Wanaitwa Twitter revolutionaries. Kelele miiiiiiiingi kwa social media but they still think protesting in the streets is beneath them. Hawataki kuharibu manicure.