I logged into a chic's tagged account. This is what I found

I found

A. Starscream gang. “shot ni ngapi”

B. Mzungu gang " hello dear"

C. Lesbians “hi”

D. The few of us with morality remaining who try to trick this with killer lines.

You can’t just tell/ ask a chic u wanna ferk her. Don’t even mention hook up coz starscream wamechafua definition.

Just ask her to visit you. Mengine yatajileta. Za fare answer ni uber. Kama Huezi afford uber wewe ni peasant lowlife

Just be direct and ask ni ngapi…wote ni malaya

i think zako zimeshika… a gazelle you’ve met on tagged you wanna woo her with fake niceties and sweet nothings ati just to stand out? and you’re the one whose wallet is gonna be damaged after a post nut clarity

Uber can’t damage my wallet. Na si nalipa dere akifika

Uber utalipa, lakini utakula mchele kilo moja kipiiii

Actually nangoja Ile siku ntawekewa Michele. Never happened before na nakaribia kuoa

Only women who have hit rock bottom, the p beyond a point of retreading, and the soul dying of guilt from whatever dark past, ad themselves and seek love online.