I live In China last 4 years AMA.

Hello fellow xiaomi fanboy, i just got the xiaomi 8, and its amazing. Unless you want a second hand , xiaomi phones are usually cheapest in their website or physical store. i wouldnt recommend buying second hand xiaomi phone, did it before first time i came to china and i regretted it.


Mi6 ni pesa ngapi

Leta mbisha kadhaa za ile mtaa unaishi huko.

o_OThe British are selling?

MI6 on sale headed by Mr Bean .

thirded,kwanza mimi nataka v8 ya china na usd 1000(100k kshs)possible? tutaweka kwa container ya sukari

Check out mi.com , xiaomi sio kama huawei ama samsung, their website has the cheapest you can get. They replaced it with the 6x which costs 30k for the 6gb ram, 128 gb https://item.mi.com/product/10000091.html

Hii V8 ni ya which Chinese truck .To ship a V8 engine you don’t need a container a wooden crate is sufficient.

How come niliabiwo huko Ha Noi town wanapenda blacks?

Shika hii moja, i edited out mrembo, on the left left is the Uni, on the right is the city. [ATTACH=full]179692[/ATTACH]

if you are white, ukisimama kwa barabara watakukujia tuu, kama inzi na mavi.

First, wanted to say Kudos to you for a wonderful post. Very useful and informative… The kind of post that makes this village a great place.
By the way, what do you find unique about living in China?..good and bad

So umepatana na wakenya huko? If so, zile area kenyan hasoras wanapenda huko, Si naweza seti hoteli ama kibandaski ya kenyan food na iwe sambamba

As a Kenyan, what would I enjoy doing whilst visiting China?

Good, is that chinese are honest, its such a breath of fresh air from living in kenya, its also pretty easy to have a very good life if you work hard, ie two holidays a year to thailand , europe or home i can buy stuff i want anytime, the alcohal is FREE, the tech is amazing, there is just always something coming out all the time. Bad, boredown, i sometimes hate this life because its sometimes too damn easy and also its pretty individualistic, ie chinese never hug or shake hands. Also the africans just piss me off all them time, always claiming racism when they break the law or dont want to work. also due to the work it takes for every black girl/african there is 15 black guys, dont know why i our women dont wanna try stuff.

Virtually everything, it depends what you like. China is big, really big, most kenyans go guangzhou, which isnt a good place for africans.

Bad idea Did you my food posts? kenyan food is terrible and not special, you have to understand that you competing with cuisines from all the world and other parts of china. Also foreigners never really dont start business in china,there is just too many well paying jobs requiring foreigners.
as an alternative , kenyan coffee is higly prized, if you can work around the cartels in Kenya and china you can make alot of money. i havent done it as i dont have the expertise.
on the number of kenyans ,there are so many… compared to 4 years ago, sometimes i am walking somewhere or in a bar and i see someone with the kenyan flag armband…

Hapa sijaelewa boss

How is the experience so far

These jobs you keep talking about… What are some examples? The foreigner jobs that is. The ones you get? What are they?

very informative…asante mwana kijiji @juuyamti

Simply its a sauasage fest here, very few black girls coming to china, usually its just guys.

Be a bit more specific, its hard to sum up 4 years in few sentenses. it also depends on expections and goals. For me i achieved what i wanted so i guess its been great.