I live In China last 4 years AMA.

Hey talkers, stumbled upon ktalk by accident a few months back when looking for unbiased kenyan opinions and this community has been amazing. To give back i will do an AMA about anything and everything you want to know about china.

Shuka kama Zakayo

What do you do in China?

How is the racism out there?
Some Chinese have the guts to be openly racist in Nairobi. What about in China itself?

Kunguru za china ziko aje ? naskianga ikuss iko tighter vile wamezoea mjubeleng toothpicks

I hope he doesn’t realize what you’ve done

how easy is it to learn chinese? kama huku nairobi wanaweka sign post na kichinku humo kwao kuna mtu uongea any other lingo kweli?

I came to china on a chinese government scholarship to study for masters, graduated and decided to stay for one more year upto next year.

Has anyone asked you to talk to Kenyans to encourage them on the positive aspects of China/Kenya relations?

Chinese is hard, in the period i have spent learning chinese, i could have learned either two other latin or germanic language or programming. most

racism is real, and the chinese in africa hate africans with a passion, they cant understand why and how we are so dishonest. Fortunately unlike in europe where i stayed for a few months ,racism in china is not as bad. if i want a job i can find it easily (2 weeks max of searching)

What kind of food do you eat there?

Dark skin is looked down so its very very rare for to see a black guy dating a chinese and most black guys think that chinese girls are ugly.


Anything and everything, in china if it moves its food…below is my typical meal.[ATTACH=full]179686[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]179685[/ATTACH][ATTACH]179686[/ATTACH][ATTACH]179684[/ATTACH][ATTACH]179685[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]179683[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]179683[/ATTACH]


Not exactly sure what you mean , China kenya relations are in general very positive (a friend did a masters thesis on this) in my view the negative stuff beind posted online is usually is by western media who are starting to feel the heat of chinese ambitions.

Comparing consumer demands mtaa and am assuming umejua mashimo huko, nini waona easy to source n translate to cash (profit) mtaa.

Msito Mimi nataka ufanyie sisi research mahali tunaweza pata simu ya xiaomi bei ya mkulima mdogo.

That is a question i get all the time from everyone including my parents…and its impossible to answer as i havent lived in kenya for a few years and dont know what kenyans usually purchase or at what price. china is the world factory… they make everything. there is city called yiwu… its basically a city in middle of nowhere 10 times bigger than nairobi , but with just shops. check it out at http://www.yiwugou.com/