I like Raoand the way he has fought for this country but...

.shida ni moja the people anajisorrund na yeye…He has psychophants who fear telling him anaenda wrong… The likes of kina atwoli, Murathe, Babu, Kamanda, Sifuna, Mbadi…Raila could be very strong kama angekuwa na good advisers wenye wanamshow where he goes wrong…Kama si hii BBI na those luo psychophants i will with no doubt support Raila…Hii kiti inadai mtu ako composed na kuwacha hooliganism…Ruto has mastered that

if he’s not matured/smart enough to have his own conscience and make his own decision, then what the hell is he doing at the top of the realm …turns out he’s just another typical Kenyan politician who puts his selfish wants before his people’s needs

When he was fighting in the streets he was mwenda wazimu. When he behaves like the other politicians kenyans elect, he’s a traitor.
Go out there and do better if you know better

Has Ruto ever fought for anything for a citizen?
What law has Ruto ever proposed and fought to pass?
What idea is attributed to him in this country?
Check Moi, Kibaki, Uhurus and Raila, you will find a few.

Correction… This country has lined his insatiable pocket with innumerable wealth

He knows exactly what he is doing. The people around him did not even know he had made a deal with Uhuru before elections they are just following his lead hoping to make money

he fought fpr kenyans and kenyans did not support him back coz of his tribe… i would have done what raila did kitambo sana , hye is now a ‘prime minister’ …meanwhile you guys and your mothers can go vote for ruto… if ruto wins he’ll find kenya in bad shape and since he is corrupt … kenya will be like guinea after 3 years… think abt it

I believed in RAO for quite a long time but stopped after realizing how selfish he is, always throwing those who work with him under the bus.

Also his insistent cycle of election and referendum (chungwa-ndizi, failed oka Kenya, BBI) ransacks tax payers pockets and derail other important matters e.g. Big 4 agenda is now dead.

Ruto raised serious questions yesterday but just look at how psychopaths heckled him, a biased crowd of delegates that was devoid of voice of reason. BBI is fraudulent, just to keep few hyenas well feed at the expense of Kenyans.

One day old age and health issues will just drive these greedy hyenas away. I still haven’t lost hope for this country

I don’t like ruto, but Jana he raised serious issues

Raila needs to retire now coz he has clearly run out of ideas. He creates problems where there are none. He makes Kenya’s elections a matter of life and death. If he was so great he would easily convince Kenyans to vote for him. But many see his selfish traits, like for one he has continously shown us that he can never step down for anyone. 2017 alizungusha kina Kalonzo, Weta na Madvd akijua vizuri hawezi waachia. Waka waste time eti ni discussions while their competitors were busy campaigning in every corner. Wakashindwa clean then kimtu kinaanza kulia server. He cost them the loss. Now he’s giving us this bbi nonsense that cannot convince a standard one kid

So people who fight for Kenya should be rewarded with our tax money meant for essential services

Ruto supporters like to blame Raila for making bad choices
Msando, Nkaiserry Saitoti and the many election clashes in Rift valley show that Raila is not the only person who makes elections about life and death.
And BBI does not have one clause that favours Raila. He was clearly bought by Uhuru the same person who does not want to give power to anyone after his term

Serious questions were asked yesterday?

Or were you among the paid hecklers? if so then that is understandable


You hate him coz Jomo Kenyatta asked you to. Fucktard.

Don’t make flimsy excuses for your stupidity and hate.

He fought for his own power, sacrificing loads of his worshippers on his way.

but over 40% of Kenyans have always voted for him

Why not 60%