I like her!

For EDM fans, La Fleur


Some good house

such smooth transitions!
She seems to do it so effortlessly! But then again, it’s house music. so…

hakunanga kitu kama smooth transitions in house music. Take a look at Denis Kenzo, very talented trance producer with some good melodic trance songs but akimix utaudhika

your reasoning is that the transitions are smooth because it’s house music and not because she is a talented DJ. Not all house songs are the same, that comment was to show you that if you are not a good DJ the transitions would not be great and it’s not dependant on song genre

For the life of me, I don’t know how people listen to this music. How do you even dance to it? I would probably rat out even my mother if someone played this music in a torture chamber within a minute.

I get you. She is a very good dj, no doubt.

I still maintain that because many tracks are created through computers and therefore the beat’s spacing is more predictable, it is easier to mix house or similar genres as opposed genres like rock or “foundation” reggae or soul where the beat speeds tend to be erratic because they were played by …humans.

Limpe sue mente!