I left the Company in a Healthy State


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The only thing preventing safcom from being raped is the tight leash Vodafone has on the board and management

hao majamaa wote ni macho nne hawaoni financials vizuri

They also cover up fraudulent activities by Middle managers because the local press is scared of publishing any negative stories about them because samavicon is one of the largest advertisers.

The belief that what comes from the soil, should eventually return to the soil is, is the bane of Mwafrika.
Daniel Toroitch Arap Moi, was a True African, Emilio Mwai Wakibaki lucked the African pedigree, with people like Michuki, Njonjo, Matiba
@derro is a True African, going by his record of unleashing terror on helpless women.
Suggest other Pedigrees that are in our society that I might have missed. …

People are reverse programmed. They wont complain about people looting from them but are busy watching out for other people’s corporations where they dont own any shares worth mentioning.

Ferk lost some money in those businesses