I laid her to rest last November

Mediately hoiyeee!
Thank you for the response.
Oh yes hoiyeee!!!
Kendra mosi apewe jug pale kwa kona, mtu wa turedio apewe jug ya keg nyeusi. @hakimoto apewe mzinga ya Bob.
My fellow villagers, last November I decommissioned my long serving communication facilitator, Tecno Camon 8 fired by Mediatek. Mediatek hoiyeee!

For half a decade the phone gave me exceptional service without a hitch or glitch. It only suffered a broken screen after I sat on it (replacement cost me 3k). And no as the nyapdragonists might imagine, it is not dead. I passed it on to a peasant ata yeye atishe huko oshago.

Which way forward? First I have never seen the need to buy a phone beyond the 20k price tag unless it can do 3D printing. So, with a budget of 20k I went gadget hunting. After a detailed research, I landed on a then newly launched phone: 4GB, 64/128GB, it ticked all the boxes and more at that price. The processor? The almighty Mediatek (Mediatek hoiyeee!) G80 octacore. The phone Infinix Note 8i. So fellow villagers I am talking to you through digital zeroes and ones powered by Infinix Note 8i!


media chieth

Lcd screen, 720p in 2021. Ingechukua Samsung Amoled screen resolution 1080 with exynos or snapdragon 18k

To reduce prices China man sells acreage to app companies hence the gazillion preinstalled apps. But I realized most can be uninstalled as I did, Duo, Likee, Viskit etc. Others I froze (not many). The only ones that cannot be uninstalled are the company apps such as XNote and Phoenix browser. Ads in apps? So far only Phone master has an annoying Sufferingcon ad but this app is not a must use.


I don’t miss a 1080 because I rarely watch movies on my phone and when I do it still looks great

Ads hukuja from nowhere?

As you note I did not mention camera because I am no socialite and so camera is at the bottom of my checklist (if it is there)
The screen is Gorilla 3 and it has fallen face down three times from my couch without any dent

Which Samsung is this?

Khulipa unasumpua

Screenshot of a video playing on VLC[ATTACH=full]370225[/ATTACH]

You open an app and they first show you an ad. Experienced it only on Phonemaster

Paresi, lekha mmbayo

Galaxy A31

The major qualm I have is the size, but they all now come bigger. I still haven’t adjusted to the size

The best shainese phones I can recommend ni Oneplus, Honor (from July zitapata Google services ) and oppo.

Galaxy A31 unapata na 18k wapi?

Ati nyapdragon? From Gsmarena. It seems we are all going Mediatek. Mediatek hoiyeee![ATTACH=full]370227[/ATTACH]

It has an old bure processor. Note 8 has G80. Octacore 6 dedicated 1.8ghz and two turbo 2.00ghz