I Know Why They Went Broke

You see in Kenya kuna watu hununua projects. There’s no such thing as these four idiots from different backgrounds teamed up for the good of humanity. We are not that intelligent.

The four probably contributed money to buy a project from someone. With some luck snd chutzpah they were able to convince the judges.

Most of that money probably went off to pay their accomplices. That or they just lost track of it to hairbrained misadventuring.


A fool and their money…

@chap apewe pad avae.

They’re not broke. Money comes in tranches based on delivery

Blame it on the reporting. People think its free money to be eaten as they will

They ain’t broke. Shida ni kusumbuliwa Na ombaomba

Sensational reporting.

Kama ukishinda bonus ya 100 k betting utanunua pombe mpaka urudi kwa mfuko ,130mirrions ni hatare