I just need a job...

Think outside the box!!,if you can concentrate on what you have now it can do miracles.Please buy Saturday nation to get inspiration on Smart Seed.

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My friend mbona uko na low self esteem? You want to be stressed by an employer ukimtengenezea pesa and he pays you peanuts?



You are more than a brother. …thank you for that. MAY GOD BLESS YOU, you made me realise my dreams are not better than God’s plans.

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weka mbisha za hio farm yako hapa nione vile tunaweza saidiana

Its not low self esteem. …tell me, by bad luck or chance…my crop fail…then I try again. …fail like 2 times in a row due to maybe price fluctuations…unpredictable weather conditions …nitajiinua na nini niendelee?

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I am starting a new thread dedicated to you in a few minutes I hope and pray it will open your eyes and brain and see things from a bigger perspective.

don’t be too cynical ata kama you are past my situation bro…

No objection…I believe I am not alone.

Some tribes are better at certain jobs than others, eg maasai na security, kambodians kwa salon, omera for mechanics, luhya for househelps, okuyu na wizi, etc. Plus smaller employers want to achieve regional balance in their small way, not have one tribe dominate the workplace.

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You don’t get it do you?
For us starters of life first want an ‘assured’ cash inflow no matter how little it maybe. Some sort of security not to await monthly stipend from family

Juzi i was at my friend’s office. He has a security firm. So nikiwa hapo nimekaa tu naskia kamjamaa kamepigia the operations guy akasema he’s looking for a job. And the next thing he said was that he was luhya. I was flabbergasted at not only the tribalism in our country but also the thick and shallow-mindedness of some individuals. @aviator unfortunately you are in the other end of the boat you are riding with the watchie to be only that the added advantage is that you have a few more cents than he has.

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@semi arid, I think you need to work on your attitude first. Some responses you are giving depict you as someone bitter with the world for not giving you an opportunity to “excel” . I don’t know if anyone else has observed the same.


Wah…thankyou but I am not looking for any of the above dear…

Madam…hakuna kitu unasema hapa,if u blundered on ua first posting ,omba msamahe naunyamaze…Sawa ?

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if you can agree to teach high school lots of vacancies state your subjects

not bitter. …RESIGNED

Ok, does the fact that you hate tribalism negate the fact that it’s rife? Your experience at your friend’s place just confirms what am saying.

And FYI I hate tribalism with all my heart.

Yeah I can…bilogy/ agriculture combination. I can maths and geography too…

I wish I hadn’t promised to be good. I would have dealt with you kakamoniously. My favourite pastime is reading The Bad Girls Bible.