I hope this won't end up in addiction

Nowadays when taking lunch, it has become a norm to take a cold soda. I know they are not very healthy but with the heat, a cold coke is becoming irresistible and its turning to a daily thinger. I just hope I’m not running into an addiction.

How often do you check your glucose level

acha mawazo mingi buana purple, sisi tunakunywa whiskey daily na tuko tu sawa

It takes 66 days to develop a habit - good or bad.

How you use that information is up to you.

Africans don’t invite troubles by checking their presence

Provided it is coke zero or else you pack up calories. And also your enamel is at risk.

…and we enjoy the habit (addiction).

kweli lakini acha kutusi mama ya ule jamaa wa chemist


Sema unapenda kunywa FANTA BARIDI

Gained almost 20kgs while living in Mombasa because of Club Soda. Unajidanganya that it’s a small bottle but ina almost 300 calories of processed sugar.

Now let’s do the math.

If I drink 4 in a day I’ll have consumed 1200 calories.

1kg is 7700 calories

In 1week you can gain 1kg because of a tiny soda.

Plus you’ll buy a KDF, chips, via karai etc when buying soda.


Soda ni silent killer.

Really @purple? and you are a Nurse?

I’ll quit at 65

Not really, I’m a human being

You just popped up that number out of your nethers as info? :D:D:D

Not 69?

Huyu anajuaga kila kitu, I don’t understand why you are questioning his perspicacity