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Avril is such a MILF. Look at those curves. [ATTACH=full]327166[/ATTACH]

Chief wanker pitia SJ kuna exact copyright …

Sina Pesa.

Peasant in chief

postwall chieth

Bomoa kabat pole pole

Wacha chuki, mzee. Huoni hizo proportions na smooth skin?

Peasant in Chief

Naskia Filters za OPPO can convert Martha Karua to Avril…

Which curves?

Ulimaliza KU?


Not much difference huh

KU is below me.

Infinix ndio noma manze!

Were you in Harvard then?

y = 3x² - 2x + 1

No. Hakuna Havard Kenya.

A quadratic curve

Matako ikiwa na shape yoyote other than ? sitaki.

Find the gradient of that curve, where it crosses the x and y axis and it’s meeting point with the curve
y = x²+x - 6

Also find the area between those curves (8 marks)

Curves gani bana?? She’s fat