I have said in the past that Didmus Barasa is a joke. A clown.

[SIZE=5]I said so here on this link :


This guy’s education credentials are totally fake.

And then today I saw this :


Hii ni kama umetoka nje na matope kwa leather shoes kama umelewa kisha unapaka kiwi juu kesho lazima uingie wera.

What makes me happy is that bonobos will still elect him again. We are so fascinated by theatrics.

As he says, we are “…Impressed with the application of tar on the road surface.”


His development record speaks for itself…
Launching a mosquito net…
School roofing projects…
Cooking for widows…

He he…culvert ni bridge?

Kimilili is a nice optical nutrition zone.

Namarome nakhumicha…still remember you.



Hii bangi!

:D:D:D slash ‘cooking for widows’ replace with ‘smashing widows’



Do you know Waititu did an interview on citizen TV ( years before his credentials were questioned) and said that he graduated with a degree in Accounts from KU,
List of sketchy credentials is long: Rutos pHD, Sonko, Ngilu, Gideon Moi, Sudi…

Huyu jamaa huwa a non-apologetic conman so you can imagine mahali development funds huenda.

Hahahahaa, wallai kunafaa kuwa na school of conmanship, instead of watoto kusoma Engineering and other STEM courses za kusumbua, tunawatuma huko since if Kenyans can elect such a person, an industry can be born and expanded.