I have parted ways with my governor

Maiyan, kama hivi ndio umeamua then unaenda huko solo. Ndingehota, ashaa, tawe. Si ni hivyo, mara neaja? Ya!

:D:D:D I told you state machinery is not a joke. Mtatii

Time for mountaineers to whitewash the two.

:D:D:D wanajua there won’t be re elected so wanachukua any amount of bribery for retirement

Nakuru is in Mt. Kenya ?

Yes. Mt Kenya Diaspora.

It’s kosmoporitan but the majority of residents are Agikuyu

Wacha mzee akule kidogo ndo awachie vijana

Road tenders ghosts have come back to haunt him…:D:D:D:D:D

If this guy is secretly Moi’s bastard then I totally understand his position.

huyu ni ndugu ya Gideon buana. hakuna if hapo

When did Nakuru become Mt Kenya? Si ata mtaclaim Nairobi and Lamu as Mt Kenya? Okuyu pieces of shiets are an interesting lot.

No wonder Kalenjingas wanawachoma kwa kanisa juu they know your cunning ways of grabbing what’s not yours.

Tuko nyuma ya Uhunye


Rusha Gilbeys incoming MCA

@Half_Human) = @Malong yor

Every time they say Mt Kenya blah blah blah they keep including Nakuru. It’s very convenient for them.

Si mimi


Post PEV. Most Kikuyus who were dispersed deep in the Rift Valley ended up in Nakuru, Laikipia and Nyandarua. The leaders of those areas started calling themselves Mt Kenya I think census showed them they had the numbers. Although there are also Kalenjin IDPs in those areas but story for another day.
Nairobi is a cosmopolitan but it was initially inhabited by Kikuyus, Maasai and Akamba.

Nakuru is not and has never been Okuyus’ homeland. Just because you got high population there due to breeding like rats doesn’t make it yours. Nakuru is cosmopolitan with almost all tribes in Kenya; from Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Kisiis, Luos, Luhyas, Somalis etc. If population was a great parameter of claiming a territory, then the Wabajuni of Lamu are justified to slaughter you back to Central, or Kalenjins are justified to do their shenanigans since you will claim what is not yours once you have bred like rats.