I have no life

I just realized i have no life. I spend almost all weekend indoors. Id like to change that.
What are some hobbies you people have?

Biking. Buy a bicycle, it might help

Pombe, siasa na wanawake.


First of all, how are you doing mentally? Is everything fine.

Legit question op

Video games and animation…indoors too type of guy

Ngurumisha ndudhi mtaani mpaka moto iwake, thank me later

Me too, used be an indoor guy until I bought nduthi. My friend u get to feel what u have been missing.

Join the local foot ball teams , jogging or join kina @cortedivoire at whore houses and hoe like there is no tommorow. When you get aids like someone big here with alot of ‘security’ keeping daily arv routine will be sufficient to keep you busy and lively.

umesahau gym… hauezi maintain hiyo lifestyle kama unaka mtungi

Atagongwa na mathree. Unless he doesn’t live in a big town

  1. Friday: Fobe + fangi= zima. Sato: toa lock proper= zima tena. Rinse & repeat. Monday utashangaa weekend ilienda wapi.

  2. Kuna tours and travels mob siku izi, enda hike to say Mt Longonot for as little as 1500. Once or twice a month will be good. Meet and mate. Kwanza kuenda na hizi overland trucks hua moto saidi.

Having fun weekends kama huna pesa + ideas boils down to having king fisher related activities.

Every thing is fine. I have just discovered all i do is work, spend weekends indoors then back to work on Monday

For those who don’t know what he means by that, he means wanking to ponography

Be quiet weirdo


Jaba fombe na lanye

ukienda hiking uanguke kwa cliff udedi utaambia nini mungu

Akipata alcohol poisoning udedi utambia nano mungu?
Or in your case, ukedi?

Boss anza jogging, all you need is a decent pair of running shoes, start with 5 kilometer runs, it will do your mind and body a whole lot of good