I Have Family Schooling For Religious Reasons....Hypocrites!


Their school, their rules.

Yenyewe. Huwezi enda kanisa uanze kusema saa ya worship session muwekewe Kativui.

mindukrass hawaskiagi

Unataka kunisho employees wa eabl na bat hakuna mwenye hukanyaga church?

Any so called institute of higher learning…should give it up for this high…er nonsense…what do you expect from retarded religious anti science kanyari uniz…lakin pobe baya

Sounds good to me but how is this related to the header? niko slow this morning…

Religion is the opium of the masses

Do they accept school fees received from parents working at EABL, BAT and such?



Oki I give up on you. Totally incapable of summing up your thoughts?

brainwashed religious retards

OP prefers homeschooling because of such hypocrital conditions

OP nilimuacha kwa thread ingine kama ametupa mbao…akinitupia because he is a Jeng and I am a Kyuk:D:D:D. Binned the original poster of that thread na ngithie wira ungi. Hmmmmm I wonder if he homeschools his kids…nanimeenda:cool: