Ni extensive foreplay

Kissing ni sawa, hiyo hata nikiwa ndani bado uendelea.
Lakini story za sijui ku finger ama kulamba clit siwezani banae
Mimi ni kudara kissing as I undress her quickly, kama bado hatakuwa tayari atazipatia nyege njwang’a ikiwa ndani

It messes up with ones aura for sure, I used to feel dirty and weird sana. Nowadays I no longer have that weird vibe

Usijali ata maguka wetu hawakujua mambo ya kissing na kulamba nyeti lakini nayo foreplay walijua kuitembeza, kudarana na kachabali hadi dem alegee.

One question I have ni after you have done all that what guarantee do you have that your next catch will be a good fuck???

It doesn’t matter am not pro marriage but kuendeleza kizazi hopefully

Don’t pay for sex, there is something about talking to a girl and getting it for free…it boosts your testosterone coz you are conquering something, if you pay for sex forget about that feeling, no one ever pays for sex and walks out of the brothel feeling like a man. You can trash this comment if you want to, but the moment you start paying, your T levels will start going down; The best you can do is talk to those ladies and tell them you don’t want any attachment na lovey dovies, if you can do that then even better for you. But malaya wachana nayo. Watu wa malaya have low testosterone, they are miserable people.

we are on opposite paths bratha…
paying directly for sex after a while becomes boring and you long for passionate love making…
tafadhali tafadahli…don’tgo down this self-destructive path

Noma saidi

If it doesn’t matter so this measures you are taking ni za Nini??

uki angukia poa save number

Hii sasa ndio sitaki kabisa and that’s your brain playing tricks on you ni kama vile MGTOW deep down long for marriage na planteshen guys admire MGTOW

Malaya is abroad term mdau…anyhow I don’t have an issue with gaming girls as I said earlier kama it is getting it for free niko na kadhaa what I don’t want ni the lovey dovy stuff and trust you me with these two options there is no way you are hitting it without the lovey dovey bit without the girl feeling a type of way about you

No commitment, no explanations am not seeing or hearing from the lady again

The path you taking has no return. Kutoka kwa brothel life huwa ngumu

Guys why are you focusing on brothels :D…kuna tagged, IG, TikTok, campus chicks

Spending time throwing game to these hoes is convincing some niggaz here that you are getting it for free na huoni umetumia time and energy for some mere pussy. If you are not willing to lie to these hoes just know hakuna direct ‘free’ pussy especially nowadays

True the brain plays tricks on you it wants you to nut and procreate, hii mambo ya passionate love is just an illusion

Money, Energy, Attention and Time. You have to choose which one to lose when dealing with women. There’s nothing like free pussy. EVERYONE PAYS.


Thats how you convince yourself. I repeat, any man who pays for a prostitute ni mjinga na ana mashida, malaya hana standards, will fuck absolutely anything that has a few coins. Endeleeni kula vitu hazina standards za maana and see how that pans out. How can you as a man be this happy and even defend sleeping with a prostitute, wanaume 25 wamemkula asubuhi wewe ni number 26 na bado kuna wengine 34 wamepanga line wanaingia after wewe alafu utarudi tena kesho asubuhi kurudia hii ujinga…shenzi sana, and you come here to brag and even defend this shit?? You have problems and you dont even know it. Giving bullshit excuses ati men always pay for sex with energy and time, absolute nonsense.Go fix your life.