I have made the decision kuanzia leo I’ll be paying directly to fuck ladies sitaki maneno ya relationships or passionate love making I just wanna nut. Kama ni game to get ladies niko nayo, kama ni ladies who wanna give it up for free wako kadhaa but shida ni I don’t want kisses, I don’t want cuddling nigga just wants to fuck and nut sitaki maswali nor pillow talk so this is the path I have chosen till nipange kuanzisha familia. I noticed it is more riskier na hizi vitu za free without attachmnets coz you need to marinate na kisses [SIZE=1]while others go the extra mile of kupanua na kulamba [/SIZE][SIZE=4]without knowing si wewe pekee but you won’t notice this coz such relationships give you a false sense of security and of course I can’t game a lady alafu akikuja mechi I give her sex without marinating her so the only viable path ni kulipa directly and get professional services . So this is my new path so help me…[/SIZE]

Wise choice

wisdom detected. Harun Mwau alitupea io advise ile wakati alikuwa na wakati ya kuongea na watu, nunua professional services, hapana haribu wakati na resources.

@sani akikubaliana na kitu then thats a wise choice. He is a wise old man when he isnt sucking Ruto’s dick. @sani how old are you?

Mimi story za kumarinate mdem siwezangi banae, dem anakuanga wet after nimeingiza njwang’a bahali yake.
Bahati mbaya kama hatakuwa wet hiyo ni shida yake, kumwaga lazima nimwage banae.
Nilijaribu hiyo marination kitambo at some point got distracted na erection ikaisha manze, I was wasted

Lakini @Zush si hii itafanya uanze kupenda umalaya banae na venye naona majamaa wakiregret mbaya sana.

Spoken like a wise man

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@Zush listen to what akina @Trucker @Rodger Smith na @Pastorde husemanga kuhusu umalaya, sio glamorous as some few rotten lost villagers portray

If you are prone to getting addicted, you are about to enter a very dark path that you might find hard to quit.

marination ni nini mkubwa?

ati you’re putting pusssy on hold until uanzishe familia. All this time you’re putting pusssy on hold, we will be thoroughly smashing your future wife. Hadi mattercore.

And then after we are done with her, she will start wearing traditional dresses and present herself as a born-again christian. And you will marry her and treat her like a queeen. Shenzi

Something has to kill a man:D…but to me sex is just sex, ni kama tu chakula so for now I have set a monthly schedule like lets say twice a month na that’s what am sticking to

What is umalaya ? Lets start it there…by what they potray it is about going huko downtown and fucking street hookers which may not be by my case on the other hand let’s have a logical discussion on what are it’s risks…kama ni STI by empirical evidence and deducing what normal girls do risk iko kila mahali…hio story ya soul ties na bad luck doesn’t count to me na if it’s true the only people free from it ni faithfully married folks ama people who are celibate…sex is just like eating food to me once in a while a man needs some action

You got a comprehension problem mdau ebu read what I said again hapo juu mdau

you said you don’t wanna waste time courting women. That you’ll just be dealing exclusively with whores until the time you feel like settling down.

And I just told you that the woman you’ll eventually settle down with, is not currently putting her pusssy on hold, to wait for you. She’s getting thoroughly serviced at the moment.

They will refer to you as an asshole imagine a normal chick anakuja mechi na wewe you just pull out your dick and fuck her without kissing or foreplay they will definitely feel some type of way about you:D

Hope you do a good job then;)

don’t wink at me you little homosexual. Take your smelly ass elsewhere

love is sweet , if you find it.

True but if it’s the right time…but love can also turn bitter