I have changed my mind

I used to associate MGTOW with celibacy but I’m starting to change my mind.

Chieth GPT detected

Brownskin mbona ume-edit post? Do you fear being ridiculed? We are all just strangers here. A bit of banter shouldn’t bother you so much. Anyway, I started suspecting you had gone through some serious character development last year just before the abominable “rebranding” of this forum. I can’t quite explain it but its like you “softened” when it came to the MGTOW bashing. Like you experienced something that made you question or change your beliefs. I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed.


Fake @Solomon_Serious pretending to be @Gaines . GaiMes vs GaiNes.


all fun and games until you are wanking with no kids and a support system in your older years… mgtow ni wale wazee wakijiji hukaa kwa busa drowning their misery. talk to old people ask them about the joys of seeing your spawn thrive and having someone to talk to

This system ni upuss

Cant you see that is an imposter?? Kumbaff

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Huyo ni juha kalulu mox-mox, aka curious_ke, aka tauren aka Macomber aka mtingizaji_kitanda

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Say sike right now

The moron has some serious lingering mental health issues.

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Again, I’m not @Curious_Ke. No fucking way

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You have to admit it’s pretty funny, though

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Again, I’m not @Curious_Ke.

I have a low opinion of the guy

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We don’t care!!!

Do i even know you? How comes you havr an opinion on me and i have never even seen any thread from you?

Na wewe hua unasumbuka na identity za watu za nini? Kwani wewe ni bati boy?

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Spawn dont always thrive.

MGTOW is another fancy word for dead beat fathers. Meffi hao

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