I Have Changed My Mind

After reading through the case file, I no longer want to be a prison warden. In fact, I felt my balls shrink into my Stomach. Huyu Ruth Kamande anaeza kukata makende na apike stew ukiangalia.

  1. On the fateful Sunday morning of 20th September, 2015 at 9.am. or thereabouts screams and calls for help were heard in the house of the deceased which he had rented from PW7 and 8, a man and wife respectively. PW8 was the first to go to the back of her house where accused house was to find out what the matter was. As she walked towards his house she heard the deceased saying “nisaidie, nisaidie, Amenidunga”. “Help me, help me, she has stabbed me.”

  2. PW8 knocked on the door and asked loudly what was going on inside that house. Then she heard the deceased say. “It is this one who has stabbed me.” Followed immediately by the words “I have been stabbed again”. At that point PW7, husband of PW8 arrived at the scene from their house. The house where the deceased was calling from, his rented premises, was locked PW7 left to open the front door to their house.

  3. PW7 was left to try and rescue the deceased. He testified that he looked inside the deceased house and saw the deceased standing facing a woman who had her back on him (PW7). PW7 came to know the woman as the accused in this case. The deceased was holding his abdomen and appeared to be in great pain. On the other hand, the accused was blocking the deceased from entering the kitchen. PW7 asked the deceased for his house keys to which the deceased told him to access it near the kitchen window. PW7 decided to break the window panel as the window was closed.

  4. PW7 said that the deceased was still holding his stomach and lower abdomen when he broke the kitchen window. The deceased was standing on the small corridor between the kitchen and sitting room. The accused was holding a knife in her lifted hand actively blocking the deceased from accessing the kitchen.

  5. PW7 stated that he could not get the keys even after breaking the window pane. He said that in desperation he asked the deceased why he could not punch the accused breasts and over-power her like a man. The deceased could hardly release his hands from holding his abdomen. PW7 said that he saw a neighbour outside and that he sent him to call police at Buruburu Police Station, one kilometre away. Just then, PW7 returned and heard the deceased crying out that he had been stabbed again. He then heard the deceased screaming from inside his bedroom. He peeped through the bedroom window and saw accused in the bedroom still holding a knife. The deceased was kneeling beside the bed with his body leaning on the bed.

  6. PW2, another neighbour joined PW7 at that point. Police also came soon thereafter. By then the deceased had gone quiet. They were to discover he was already dead.

thin line between love and hate

are you not trying to rationalize madness?

Did you watch that movie, (Martin Lawrence/D man)

The dead guy has noone to blame but himself!
Should have seen it coming

Not really. .gani hiyo let me ngoogo

Nop I’m reinforcing the theory that between love and hate is a very very thin line


Those days we watched movies on VCR

I jokingly asked a then girlfriend what will happen if i left her? She said i will kill you.

Me: hahahaa

Her: hahaha…[pause] am serious by the way

Me: singing “am walking away” -Craig David

Dead men tell no tales

I did

Mimi kuna kunguru alijaribu kunidunga kisu nikamshika mkono nikamweka mabare zingine moto sana. She almost killed me. Hekaya for another day.

Shit pole man

Such are supposed to be left asap. God knows what she would have done to you if she caught u napping. Wanaume wamemwagiwa acid, wengine kuekelewa 6x6 mawe ya mjengo wakiwa deep asleep.

If he was family I would hope she was free then justice the hammurabi way

I’m I the only one who thinks she was justified? You don’t go around spreading the gift that keeps giving (HIV) just like that. That guy died a merciful death

Brutal premeditated murder.

This is the end result of following news via Githeri media. The deceased was not HIV positive and the woman was not infected by HIV. Go read the case file and get your facts right. The accused only brought up that fake HIV story to defend herself. The judge clearly dismissed that HIV defence. Again, the investigating officer did not find any HIV treatment documents the accused alleged was hidden under the mattress.

That is an aspect of obsessive compulsive personality disorder, if you are not keen you would think it is great love until you try to walk away from the relationship.

Then the pychological disability kicks in.