I have broken law 1: Never outshine your master.

So around 5 months ago i was called in by my elders to help sort out a family company in Tanzania that was ina very bad position.The wazee walikuwa wajanja and initially told everyone i was an intern looking to learn. I am young and fitted the profile and also had the opportunity to experience stuff first hand. What I found was disgusting. Utter lack of controls and checks throughout the whole company. Extremely lazy eTanzanians at the workplace, 1 accountant would slug with an invoice worth around $100,000 for whole week telling everyone how complicated it was to raise it. Dude would forget to invoice trips worth $5000 USD mara anakosea invoice client refuse to pay. Yaani the place was a fucking mess and it made me furious. There was only 2 decent workers in a finance team consisting of 5 members. The absolute worst was the finance manager a fellow Kenyan Somali , the guy was spineless a coward and would let everything slide just to avoid confrontations. The guy would betray major accounting principles just to stay clear off certain people’s path.

Anyways 1 month in i was made the transport accountant. Am now in charge of the whole transport sector of the business. Most people have caught on am not what i was introduced as. First task was to clean up system. I introduced controls and checks on mileage payments and fuel issuance, many resisted some telling me I would halt operations and such bullshit . I stayed strong and after 2 weeks things got into place. Am issuing invoices that would take so called "senior accountants " weeks in a day maximum. Cash flow has immensely improved. Losses through fuel and mileage is almost non existent.

This is the problem now i feel i have instilled a lot of insecurity in many people. Am starting to feel hot air in the environment. The finance manager despite me helping his department immensely is not smart enough to take the credit but rather seems wanting to frustrate me. I have seen him bypass my office in work that I would be accountable for and delegating it to other members. When they fail I automatically take the blame as i am the concerned partly.

Sasa wazito i am struggling to decide which path to take. The more good i do for the company the more i seem to be disliked by the laziest bunch. I am also not foolish i have made alliances with some good guys at the office and there’s this 1 top guy at the office am trying to groom as the finance manager. A day after i put in a good word for him to the wazee he was promoted taking some roles from the existing finance manager…

You’ve forgotten the other law …
It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.”

Those managers are not your master, the results will speak for itself. Chapa works and outshine them all, make yourself indispensable

umepeleka utiaji huko watu wasikule Mali,kuna ya mamako ilikuwa inakuliwa,?ukienda Rome do as the romans do

Tanzanians are so slow,shitty and so behind in many aspects
You can never correct/outshine a tanzanian and expect positive feedback …wanaona ni kama unawadharau
Kuna siku nikipitia Namanga I explained naelekea Dar to the custom official…akaniuliza was it my first time I said no…akaniambia my passport was new showing no previous travel there.nikamshow my passport ilijaa and replaced.just that reply aliona namdharau manze akanishow nitoke kwa line and stand aside…nilikubali knowing nikifanya ujinga yoyote things will blow up…I later rejoined the line after 3hrs

Thanks man. I am always sharpening my skills and learning something new everyday. I feel am naturally working soo hard because this is family. Should this company fail the effects would be felt heavily by many close families.

Today the finance manager (Somali but not family) told me he had to quickly approve mileage payments because anaogopa “siasa” from operations department. I was soo disgusted and lost a lot of respect for him. Dude was literally writing $2000 USD cheques without any fact checking whatsoever. This is something i have been fighting to control the past 3 months.

Unafikiria company business ni kama kupima mutura na kisu na kucalculate your profit from it? Keto pale corner machokosh wakiitwa wasemenhesabu ya scrap wameokota ndo utaitwa

Wakalie ngumu

lakini ujuwe ya uchokosh ni mingi kuliko ya watchie

Kalia hizo Tz kabisaa usilegeze kamba ikaze zaidi… I fucking hate Tanzanians and Somalis

Kujeni muone bonobo…

Continue with the good work, Wacha uoga Ghaseeer.

Haha i fucking miss the realness here

nothing good will come of this, kama hio kampuni ni ya kuvuta watu ovyoovyo bila plan, just know you’re next in line, mi nakumbuka I was working with lazy ladies in the office, I was literally doing all the work while the women wanapewa permission almost daily, but the manager decided to transfer me only… I quite the fuckin job

You are giving the greenhorn too much leeway. Another rule is about completly annihilating competition. He was in that position. The rules are not linear.

Enyewe kuelewa ni ngumu kwa hii squad.He said its a family business.Bongo lala washaanza kuogopa atafutwa kazi.

Working in tanzania is nightmare those fuckers have no work ethic… my dad has worked in tanzania for more than 15yrs… yaani you train those fuckers on the job and still pay them alafu one day they wake up and decide i am not going to work na si ati amepata mahali pengine he is barely surving but he would rather spend the day in the hood gossiping.

Protect the family business …its your lifeline


Stun them with modern systems washangae,weka hadi biometric systems ikiweza,do your best, utajibamba juu your learning on the job as well thus sharpening your skills. Ata job ikikatika experience umepata. Lakini joh kaa rada Tz wanapenda kuchunisha watu sukuma saana.just saying